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Center for Career Connections

Welcome to the Center of Career Connections

One of the most important pursuits during your time in college is the intentional preparation for your career after college. Students who learn to take ownership of their faith, life, health and education early on, and to invest in specific outcomes in college, will have the broadest spectrum of opportunity after graduation.

Even though it feels like your work life is worlds away, it is wise to start considering these realities now as a freshman.

That's Why We're Here

Center for Career Connections is a team helping you thoughtfully and strategically take the right steps toward a rewarding professional career. We do this with three key offerings that generally follow the life-cycle of a college student…

  • Freshman | Sophomore
    Early during your freshman and sophomore years, we help you find and secure Applied Learning Experiences that are relevant to your major and will pique your curiosity, offering meaningful feedback and clues to your long-term career options.
  • Sophomore | Junior
    Next, during your sophomore and junior years, we help you network with employers to find valuable Internships directly related to your field of study.
  • Junior | Senior
    Finally, by your Senior year, you are making some strong career connections—this is a time when your final career launch happens. It’s here that invaluable finessing and fine-tuning will strengthen your ability to candidate for the perfect job after graduation.

The Bottom Line

We want you to thrive in a profession after graduation. We would like to help you discover what you were uniquely made to do. With our work lives representing nearly 50 percent of our waking hours, the idea of finding a career space that interests you, energizes you, inspires you and stirs up your passion is important. We want you to have the confidence to become a valuable contributor from day one in your new career. Let us show you how…


For career counseling, resume, cover letter, job search strategy, internship and full-time job questions, email Director Denise Terry or call (574) 372-5100, ext. 6101.

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