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HLC Comprehensive Evaluation

Grace College and Seminary’s 2023 Comprehensive Evaluation

On February 27-28, 2023, Grace hosted the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Peer Review Team on campus for a mid-cycle Comprehensive Evaluation Site Visit as part of the Standard Pathway accreditation process with HLC. The purpose of the visit was to ensure that Grace was meeting the Criteria for Accreditation and was continuing to pursue institutional improvement.

The Peer Review team met with various constituents representing our institution to validate the evidence presented in Grace’s Assurance Argument, then drafted a report to the Institutional Actions Council (IAC) for the Higher Learning Commission (see documents below). 

Grace College & Seminary’s current status is Accredited. See Statement of Accreditation Status here

Frequently Asked Questions About Accreditation

Possible Questions from the Peer Review Team

The following lists provide examples of the types of questions that peer review teams are likely to ask. These lists are not exhaustive. Expect the team to ask additional general and Grace-specific questions. 

HLC Visit Preparation