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Title IX

From the Title IX Coordinator

Hello Lancers!

I am Carrie Yocum, your Title IX Coordinator. I am committed to helping you connect to the resources and support you need as we continue to work toward a culture of respect and caring compliance at Grace College.

I am a social worker by education and worked in community mental health before coming to Grace as a social work educator. In my role, I help people navigate the Title IX process when there is a concern about harassment. I can also help in other situations of disrespect – all so we have a safe campus that supports learning and is free from harassment.

If something happens and you would like to talk, please know I am here to listen and support you.

Carrie Yoccum

Title IX Coordinator

McClain 102
Phone: 574-372-5100 x6491

What is Title IX?

Title IX protects people from sex-based discrimination in education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. 

It is important because it requires schools like Grace to have processes, procedures, and personnel to respond to complaints of discrimination, harassment, and violence.

The Title IX Coordinator’s role is to:

  • Receive reports of sex-based discrimination.
  • Oversee compliance with Title IX.
  • Provide education on Title IX topics.