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Student Resources

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Office exists to help you mature spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically. Get to know our Student Affairs team, and you will find this to be true!

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Learn about Student Resources, including the Grace library for academic resources. We offer academic programs assistance.

Academic Assistance

We are committed to providing you the academic assistance and student resources you need! Read more about our approach to tutors, writing help, disability services and academic accountability here!

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Explore Math or Science Degree at Grace College. Are you excited by numbers? Enthralled by scientific reasoning? Fascinated by orthopaedics?

Academic Catalog

Our academic catalog is a comprehensive guide to our academic programs and policies. This is where you can find information on our Academic Departments, courses and expectations.

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Grace’s annual campus-wide celebration of faith and scholarship is on Thursday, April 21, immediately following Spring Day of Worship!

Morgan Library

The Morgan Library offers resources that support you in your classes, research assistance and instruction from librarians, and comfortable spaces to study and research.

Morgan Library