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Our Mission

Our Mission Paves the Way for Grace:

Grace is an evangelical Christian community of higher education which applies biblical values in strengthening character, sharpening competence and preparing for service.

Our Core Values

These are the nonnegotiables. These are the crucial and lasting beliefs that have been part of the Grace story from the very beginning and carry each of our graduates forward as they pursue ways of grace.


with the God of Scripture through all things.


others and appreciating them as image-bearers of God.


personal transformation and redeemed lives.

Our Brand Promise

Grace College is a Christ-centered community engaged in thoughtful scholarship and career preparation that develops compassionate, confident, and skilled graduates who lead lives of purpose.

Christ-centered community


We are committed to mentorship. Whether it is your first-year student mentor who helps you acclimate to life on campus or your faculty advisor who walks you through landing your first job, we ensure you will have someone who sees you, knows you, and mentors you along the way.



Thoughtful Scholarship & Career Preparation


Our academics are powerful because every decision is made with this question at the forefront, “What needs to be done to prepare students for a career?” This means we create our degrees with input from external industry thought leaders and CEOs, we provide innovative labs and state-of-the-art spaces for learning, and we require real-world experience in order to graduate.


Graduates who Lead Lives of Purpose


We know that the ways of Grace are successful when we develop compassionate, confident, and skilled graduates who lead lives of purpose. We instill in every student that their degree is more than a means to make money–it is a vehicle to impact the world.