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Department of Science and Mathematics

Recognizing God as Creator pushes us to appreciate and understand his creation more deeply in the Department of Science and Mathematics.

At the Core of our academic pursuits at Grace is our relationship with God, others, ourselves, and the physical world we live in. Because this world and all that is in it has been created by God and placed into our care, there is a natural relationship between our faith and the study of Science and Mathematics. Science and Mathematics are the means by which we learn from the world that God has made. And as we study it, we find that the beauty and knowledge we discover points us back to the Creator.

Grace College School of Arts & Sciences, Department of Science and Mathematics


The professors who oversee the learning in the Department of Science and Mathematics, at Grace believe that a Christian perspective in academics is life-altering and career-defining. They believe—and encourage their students to believe—that God not only created all that we know, but also gives us sufficient evidence of His creation.

So while we study biology, physics, chemistry, ecology, and mathematical models, we remain cognizant that we are studying God’s creation. In this, we unite the classroom experience with the worship experience— absorbing scientific knowledge about the majesty of God’s creation while humbly recognizing and extolling Him as the Creator.

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Joe Frentzel Chair, Dept. of Science and Mathematics & Program Director, Biology

Joe Frentzel, Ph.D.

Dept. of Science and Mathematics & Program Director, Biology Professor

Phone: (574) 372-5100, ext. 6444