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Communitas is the day we celebrate the thing we try to do every day at Grace College, which is to connect faith and scholarship. We believe that true worship engages minds as well as hearts. To this end, Communitas showcases the most exceptional student scholarly achievements from all areas of Grace College. Held annually in conjunction with Grace’s Spring Day of Worship, Communitas is open to the community. Communitas is sponsored by the Office of Faith, Learning & Scholarship.

Each year, one Communitas presenter is honored with the ACL (Association of Christian Librarians) Research Award from the Morgan Library.

2018 Session Schedule

Session 1 from 1:30-2:30

School/Department Room Presenter Name Title
STEM Presentations

MOCC 106

Abigail SchueThe effect of foot position on the ability to resist valgus/varus force in a squat position.
Katy Ware, Gabrielle KuszewskiOptimizing the Route for Campus Safety
Hayden McCloskeyBlue-green algae populations and toxins in Kosciusko County.
School of Ministry I

MOCC 115/116

Lucas ConeMessianic Prophecies in Genesis
Cana RyanEve Before the Apple: Rethinking the Role of the First Woman
Kelsey SaundersLetter of the Law Versus Spirit of the Law in the 10 Commandments
PoliSci & History

MOCC 201

Lydia YurkovichCapital Punishment: Historical and Moral Considerations
Kirsten MeadThe President and the Media: A Modern Strategy for a Changing World
Blaze BowersExamining a Digital Frontier: The Case against Cryptocurrency
Behavorial ScienceLibrary main floorMary Phipps, Annaliese Schnyders, Breanna Sterner, Alvaro Aguillon-Beltram, Lauren Phillips, Josi AndersonThe Battle at Home: Domestic Violence in Military Families
Artists' Talks 1

Library Anderson Room

Lauren RekewegBrand Messaging: Using a StoryBrand Framework
Chandler ElliottLas Aventuras en Europa
Asia WeimerA Journey in Story, Empathy, and Publishing: Apartment Friends

Session 2 from 2:45-3:45

School/Department Room Presenter Name Title
Health Sciences

MOCC 106

Kari FeddemaAsthma: It Will Take Your Breath Away
Thomas BarramRabies: Are You or Your Animal at Risk?
Amanda HuntsmanFibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva: a disease where your skeleton becomes fused
School of Business

MOCC 115/116

Serena DraperVITA: Giving Back to the Community
Serena Draper, Jessica Vandenboom, Juliana RomanoI-69: Solving Social Problems with For-Profit Answers
Emma McGlocklinBrewTeaFull Gifts: An ESP Experience
Communication Presentations

MOCC 201

Elizabeth Mattia, Justin Perry, Erica CombsStifling a Laugh
Mitchell RandallStudent Involvement Strategies
Kirsten MeadIt's Communication, Stupid: Rhetoric in the '92 Clinton Campaign
Karly PoynerMBTI: An Institutional Advantage or Hinderance?
Gallery of Learning ProfilesLibrary main floorEmily Pierce, Deborah Michalski, Liz Van Wormer, Sydney Walker, Hannah Miller, Sarah Miller, Alicia Peterson, Gabrielle Kirchner, McKenzie ThomasGallery of Learning Profiles
French Children's Book Project
Library main floorHannah Ludwig, Aaron Nichols, Sarah Turek, Bethany Ingram, Nicole Kindig, Elizabeth Brown, Emily WrightFrench Children's Book Project

Library Anderson Room

Nina DuboisCultivating the Passion of Language Learning
Ian RossLa Buena Latina: The Development of Marianism
Lydia BronnerWhy You Should Learn Spanish if You Haven't (Acquired it) Already
School of Ministry 2

Library Computer Lab

Deborah AndersThe New Heart in Ezekiel
Mary PhippsFiction or Fact: How Can we Know the Four Gospels are Historically Reliable?
Kegan OttThe Jesus of the the New Testament and the Historical Person of Jesus

Session 3 from 4:00-5:00

School/Department Room Presenter NameTitle
MOCC 106
Annkelly Myers Education Sr. Project: Counting Money
Shelby Sojka Education Sr. Project: Dividing Fractions

MOCC 115/116

Bekah LandfairMad Madge's Matriarchy: Female Authorship in Margaret Cavendish's Prefaces
Stuart Mullet"A Wooden Part of Her Soul": Disability in Flannery O'Connor's Short Stories
Abigail PhinneyCultural Unrest: The First Amendment in Action on College Campuses
Artists' Talks 2
MOCC 201
Megan GunkelArt and the Brain: An Exploration of Expression
Emily StichterVisual Storytelling: Inspiring Good through Creativity
Science Poster Presentation

Library main floor

William Lorenz, Brileigh Malott, Christopher MosetiPond System Chemical and Biological Monitoring at the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo
Zachary Stichter, Caleb YoderProposed Experiments in Charles' Law and Internal Energy
Danila Kurkulin, John Marhefka, Santiago MayaSynthesis and Characterization of Dichloride and Meldrum’s Acid Adduct
Austin Steppey, Micah Gerakinis, Jacob DeBoest, Ryan BuzalskiSynthesis and Characterization of Some Alkoxy-Substituted Meldrum's Acid Adduct
Forensics ShowcaseLibrary Anderson RoomElizabeth Mattia, Julia Kapocius, Jacob Mishne, Jonas Clayton, Chloe Woods, Olivia RomeoForensics Showcase

6:00-6:45 Inkspot Release Party at Jazzman’s – FREE Coffee and Magazine!

7:00-10:00 Hacksaw Ridge Screening and Panel Discussion at the Little Theatre. FREE Popcorn and Movie!

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