Faith, Learning, & Scholarship

Logo: Office of Faith, Learning, & Scholarship

Commitment to Scholarship and Academic Excellence

Grace College is committed to fostering an institutional culture where scholarship and academic excellence are brought together with thoughtful reflection on the Christian faith. These values are advanced through the Office of Faith, Learning & Scholarship.

We Work Toward:

  • Promoting Scholarship

Although scholarship takes many forms, it all enhances the academic community, models professional involvement and contributes to our understanding of the world that God sustains and we inhabit.

  • Integrating Faith

Integrating faith and learning means engaging the professional disciplines with thoughtful and biblical reflection, pursuing the highest standards of academic excellence, and challenging students to do the same.

  • Cultivating Curiosity

Jesus’s command to “love the Lord your God with all your mind” challenges us to become engaged, lifelong learners who approach intellectual activity as an act of worship.

About Us:

The Office of Faith, Learning & Scholarship was founded in 2010 to support Grace College’s commitment to fostering the integration of scholarship and Christian faith. We seek to honor Grace’s rich intellectual and spiritual heritage while engaging with diverse disciplines and viewpoints.

The Office of Faith, Learning & Scholarship sponsors regular activities that contribute to its mission. These include:

The Lyceum Series on Faith & the Academy is an annual event that merges cultural engagement, academics and faith by bringing world-class scholars to speak on thought-provoking topics. The Lyceum Series is free and open to the public.

Held each year in conjunction with Spring Day of Worship, Communitas is a celebration of student scholarship, artistic expression and Christian community. Highlights of the day include research presentations, poster sessions, music performances, a literary magazine release party and a film screening and discussion. Most events are free and open to the public.

By administering Indiana’s Gamma Chapter of Alpha Chi National College Honor Society, the Office of Faith, Learning & Scholarship supports students’ academic achievement.

  • Faculty Scholarship Forums

Monthly Faculty Scholarship Forums provide an opportunity for faculty members to present their recent and ongoing research and writing projects to their peers.

  • Summer Book Discussions

Each summer, faculty and staff members have the opportunity to enjoy informal book discussions on a wide range of topics and genres.

Lauren G. Rich

Director of the Office of Faith, Learning & Scholarship

Rich (PhD, MA, University of Notre Dame; BA, Baylor University) currently serves as chair of the Languages, Literature, and Communication Department and assistant professor of English.

For more information,

please email Lauren Rich or contact her at 574-372-5100, ext. 6151