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Past Presidents


Dr. Alva J. McClain


Dr. McClain founded Grace Theological Seminary in 1937. Read how McClain, a college drop-out, became Grace Theological Seminary’s first president and, although sick for most of his life, passionately proclaimed the truth in and out of the classroom.

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Dr. Herman A. Hoyt


Grace College & Seminary thrived under Dr. Hoyt’s relentless spirit. During his term, enrollment exploded and multiple facilities were built. His leadership drove significant growth but nothing matched his dedication to the Word of God.

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Dr. Homer A. Kent, Jr.


Under the quiet leadership of Dr. Kent, Grace College & Seminary continued to grow, maintaining sound financial footing and equipping students to answer God’s calling—no matter the direction.

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Dr. John J. Davis


Dr. Davis’ leadership saw Grace College & Seminary through one of its toughest decades. Read how his commitment to Grace’s mission and his multiple giftings made him the right man for the job.

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Dr. Ronald E. Manahan


Dr. Ron Manahan (M.Div. 1970, Th.M. 1977, Th.D. 1982) faithfully served Grace College & Seminary as its president for 20 years. From the chair of a department in 1977 to president of the institution in 1994, Manahan never dreamed his tenure here would be so long or so fruitful. Read how God used Manahan’s gentle spirit, courageous heart and brilliant mind to bring stability and growth to Grace.

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Dr. Bill Katip


Dr. Bill Katip (BA, 1974) led Grace College & Seminary as its president for 8 ½ years. He began his career in admissions, financial aid, and student affairs at Grace for 9 years, finishing his MS in 1977. He then completed his Ph.D. in 1986 and worked at other colleges and seminaries for 24 years before returning to Grace to serve as provost from 2007-2013. Katip (the only past president to be a Grace College graduate) made huge strides for Grace with initiatives such as enhancing diversity on campus, the three-year undergraduate degree option, partnership degree programs, and the launching of Grace’s own Engineering program, resulting in financial and enrollment growth.