Grace Core Curriculum

Graphic of Grace College Core Curriculum: Worshiping Christ (through Exploring the Bible, Scripture and Interpretation, and Essential Doctrinal Themes), Engaging His World (through Cross-Cultural Field Experience, Creative Arts and Culture, Faith, Science & Reason, Contemporary American and the World, and Global Perspectives), Following His Calling (Christianity and Critical Thinking, Consumer Economics, and Freshman Foundations), Connecting with Others (through Essentials of Behavioral Science, Effective Writing, and Public Speaking)

Every student at Grace completes a series of general education courses called the Grace Core. Students enjoy a common experience that stretches across all disciplines, explicitly taught from a liberal arts perspective. The Core challenges our students to acknowledge God’s infallible source of truth as revealed in His Word, through His works and in His creation. Courses in the Core are driven by the mission and evangelical heritage of the college and have been created around four key human relationships: with God, with others, with self and with the world. We believe the Grace Core provides students with the foundation of scholarship and experience for life-long learning and specialization in their major.

Grace Core Courses