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Applied Learning

A Preview of Your Potential

Applied Learning is a chance to get your hands dirty. Many students find that they fall in love with a particular career field and refine their intentions for a job based on experiencing what really happens on a day-to-day basis. Applied Learning is a preview of your potential options and can reveal the spectrum of roles or jobs within a specific career field.

The Classroom Beyond the Classroom

In the traditional classroom, knowledge is acquired primarily by reading, listening, questioning, challenging assumptions and interacting with peers. Applied Learning offers a unique twist on these roles. The world-at-large becomes your classroom.Your hands-on experiences become your teacher, and the customers and colleagues you will serve provide clues on a possible fit.

Your Resume Begins Right Now

Applied Learning does not require or assume you have had prior experience. It is an open invitation to discover, explore and even to have fun. But there is a more serious side as well.

Applied Learning experiences are potential internships and eventual employers. The business owners and leaders you will meet are influential references, who will be watching your aptitude, attitude and natural abilities.

Past students have participated in job shadowing experiences, part-time or summer jobs, applied research projects, cross-cultural field experiences, and community service projects. Their experiences have been local, national and even international. The applied learning experiences become compelling examples of your pro-activity in your career field and are attractive to potential employers. We suggest having the mindset that your resume begins now.

A Major Part of your Major

Students at Grace must earn 10 percent of their bachelor’s degree through attaining 12 applied learning credits. A minimum of 40 hours in a given experience equals one credit. The 12 credits are calculated as part of the 120 credits needed to graduate.

Applied Learning Partnerships

The following are examples of the 245 partnerships available for students.

  • Parkview Hospital
  • Kosciusko Community YMCA
  • Warsaw Police Department
  • United Way Agency
  • McHatton-Sadler Funeral Chapel
  • Pill Box Pharmacy
  • Warsaw Community High School
  • Farmers State Bank
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Lake City Radio Heartland
  • Hospice Surgical Podiatry
  • DePuy Synthese
  • Kosciusko County Probation
  • Helvey & Associates
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Grace Village
  • Zimmer Trauma