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5 Tips for How to Succeed in College: Hone Your Academic Drive

Grace College answers how to succeed in college. Use your academic drive at a Christian College in Indiana to be equipped for your future

You know what success tastes like. That’s because you make sure to pour yourself a giant bowl of it each morning. Maybe you heard most children start kindergarten at age five or six, so you began when you were four. Most kids start using a few words at age two, but you were giving speeches at age one. Long before most kids considered walking on their own two feet, you laced up your baby booties for a morning stroll around the house (a house your parents thought they still had months to baby-proof).

You are driven. You want to succeed in college, but you’re not sure how because college is so different from high school. Good news: You can succeed in college. Here are five tips to help you learn how to succeed in college and hone your academic drive.

1. Find the right tools for success.

You know why you are here and what you are doing. For you, the only thing standing in your way is having the right tools. When it comes to succeeding in college, the right tools will help you accomplish your goals. These tools include academic services, professors, and hands-on experiences.

If you need a little extra help in your classes, take advantage of tutoring, where you can get help from driven students who know how to succeed in college. If writing isn’t your forte, many colleges offer a Writing Lab for students. Send the Writing Lab your papers to polish them, and don’t forget to take advantage of apps to help you study and organize your life!

Your professors can also answer your academic questions. They are here to support you, and they have experience in the fields they teach. Take advantage of your professor’s office hours to build relationships and ask questions about assignments. They will be happy to share their wisdom with you!

Gaining knowledge is great, but internships are a must for attaining a rewarding career. Look for applied learning components to your major. Education majors have plenty of hands-on classroom experience built into their curriculum, but most majors have internship requirements. If you need help finding an internship or need someone to look over your resume, many schools have a Center for Career Connections where you can receive individualized assistance. 

Grace College answers how to succeed in college. Use your academic drive at a Christian College in Indiana to be equipped for your future

2. Form relationships with like-minded people.

Some people think that driven students don’t care about relationships. This isn’t true at all. Like anyone else, you are created for connection. Seek out friends who are running in the same direction as you and whom you can support to meet their goals as you receive support to reach your own.

One great way to form relationships with like-minded people is by getting involved in clubs on campus. Most colleges offer a variety of clubs to help you connect with people who have similar interests. You can form connections by competing in intramurals. Or if writing and photography are more your thing, contribute to the campus newspaper or yearbook. Your club involvement is a great way to prepare for life after college.

3. Challenge yourself.

Need electives? Find classes that interest you outside of the field of your major or minor. If you’re an accounting major, try taking an art class. If you’re an exercise science major, take a literature class. You might discover a new interest!

Also, take advantage of accelerated programs to learn at a more rigorous pace. At Grace, you can earn your bachelor’s degree in three years or your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four years.
Another great way to challenge yourself to grow and help others learn how to succeed in college is by stepping into a leadership position. You could walk alongside first-year students as a student mentor, encourage spiritual growth in your residence hall as a growth group leader, or lead a hall as a resident assistant.

4. Remember to rest.

You, like many driven students, are tempted to constantly focus on academics. You want to learn as much as you can from your classes and homework. And while your desire to learn is admirable, you need to take time to rest and get away from your classwork.

Be sure to learn what events are happening on campus. Grace hosts many fun events, including the Joust, homecoming, and Family Weekend. Or if you want to get off campus, explore the local community. At Grace, our students enjoy walking the many trails in Warsaw and Winona Lake, exploring local shops, or kayaking on Winona Lake.

5. Celebrate success.

Driven students learn how to succeed in college! When you succeed, celebrate your success, no matter how big or small it is. Did you pass the NCLEX? Celebrate! That’s a huge accomplishment! Have you finished an essay for class? Celebrate! You’re working hard and knocking out your homework.

You might also be honored for your academic drive through honor societies. Students of any major can become members of Alpha Chi. This is a great way to celebrate the success you’ve had and to qualify for scholarships and publication opportunities. You might even have opportunities to join exclusive groups within your area of study. For instance, if you’re majoring or minoring in English, English education, or creative writing at Grace, can join the honor society Sigma Tau Delta. Both of these honor societies provide great opportunities for you to celebrate!

If you’re coming to Grace College, you can rest assured our staff, faculty, and students will help you learn how to succeed in college. They will provide you with the tools you need for your classes, a community where you can learn and grow, opportunities to challenge yourself, fun activities to give you a break from homework, and events to celebrate your success.
If Grace sounds like a place you can thrive, request more information about Grace and submit your application.

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