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Scholarships & Grants

Grace College Scholarships and Grants

At Grace, you’ll find people that care about you…and your budget. Grace College scholarships and grants are offered to 100% of our full-time traditional undergraduate students. It’s just one of the ways of Grace!

Academic Scholarships*

*effective for students entering Fall 2024

Your hard work in high school was worth it! You will automatically receive an academic scholarship based on your high school GPA when admission is granted.

High School GPA Amount Scholarship
4.0+ $14,000 per year Provost's Scholarship
3.75 - 3.99 $12,000 per year Dean's Scholarship
3.25 - 3.74 $11,000 per year Honors Scholarship
Under 3.25 $10,000 per year Achievement Scholarship
*Academic scholarships can be increased through March 1 of the senior year when an updated transcript is submitted.

Federal & State Aid

Federal and state governments determine your eligibility for financial aid with the FAFSA. After October 1 of your senior year, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Remember to file your FAFSA before the Indiana deadline of April 15!

Local Scholarships

Be sure to apply for grants and scholarships in your local community. The vast majority of outside scholarships come from local organizations that want to help! Explore the opportunities below to learn about scholarships and grants in your hometown community.

Online Resources

Additional Information

At Grace, 100% of our students receive financial aid. We are committed to making college affordable and providing you the best resources to get the help you need. High school guidance offices and libraries often have the best resources for local opportunities. Students and parents may qualify for employer assistance, veterans benefits or other outside assistance. All students who receive outside aid must notify the Office of Financial Aid.

Institutional scholarships require a student to maintain full-time enrollment and are limited to eight semesters (four years) of eligibility. Generally, institutional financial aid and outside scholarships cannot exceed the cost of attendance. Grace College reserves the right to reduce institutional aid in the event that a combination of federal, state, and institutional gift aid exceeds tuition.


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