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Grace College Welcomes Transfer Students with New Initiatives

Friday, May 3

Grace College is pleased to announce two new initiatives to make bachelor degree programs more accessible to Indiana students, in particular transfer students from Ivy Tech. Grace now accepts the Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC), allowing a seamless transfer of 30 general education credits from any public state [...]
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Grace College Celebrates Successful $38.5 Million ASPIRE Campaign

Friday, April 26

Grace College & Seminary hosted a celebration dinner on Thursday night to mark the conclusion of its two-year comprehensive campaign.  Launched in March 2017, the ASPIRE Campaign sought to raise $37 million to fund Grace’s vision to be an exemplary, Christ-centered educational community characterized by innovation, affordability and real-world [...]
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10 Things to do on Grace College Campus

Monday, April 8

After the classes are done, and perhaps before homework is started, the campus of Grace College offers plenty of opportunity. That’s because we know a variety of activities only serves to enhance the individual. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top ten [...]
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Admissions counselors

The Highest Regard for Student’s Deepest Concern

Tuesday, July 31

The admissions team at Grace is its frontline. They carry, communicate and promote the value of a Grace education day in and day out. They talk to hundreds of prospective students and parents over the course of a semester and hear firsthand what their needs are. The first concern most [...]
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Old barn at Barnwood Masters

Grace College Can Shape Your Future

Tuesday, May 29

Have you ever wondered about the uniqueness each individual brings to a group? How do the individual traits help a group gel? If the group is too diverse, does that work against each individual's future goals? What about their stories? While it's true that we have a lot in common, [...]
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Grace College’s Learning Center and Writing Labs

Monday, March 5

Where do Grace College students go to receive help with writing papers? What if they need to seek help for accommodations in classes due to disabilities? Where do they find helpful resources? Where do they take CLEP tests or make-up tests for missed classes? From where can they get [...]
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Surviving Eight Week Sessions

Monday, March 5

You can accomplish a lot in eight weeks’ time. Perhaps you could train for a 5k run or learn the basics of a different language. One could probably get through about four seasons of a series on Netflix, or you could even learn how to cook!  But when you [...]
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The Best Career Education

Tuesday, February 27

Much like assuming a high school graduate can read and write, it is assumed a college graduate will be able to perform job specific tasks. These are what we call the “hard skills” needed for any workplace. For a teacher, it’s classroom management skills. For an engineer, [...]
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Knowing the History of Orthopaedics Benefits Grace Students

Monday, February 26

If you know your history, then you already know why Warsaw, Indiana is known as the Orthopaedic Capital of the World. For everybody else, a trip back to 1895 is needed. That’s when Revra DePuy founded DePuy Manufacturing out of hotel room. He wanted to manufacture fiber splints, customized [...]
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Friday, February 23

If you have questions or needs, fill out the Request Information form at the bottom of this page, or contact the appropriate department listed. We'll make it our priority to get back to you. President's Office Sarah Prater: Executive Assistant, ext. 6394 president@grace.edu Undergraduate and Jump Start Admissions 866-974-7223 enroll@grace.edu Grace Theological [...]
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