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Lancers Live Loud: Randy Roberts

Thursday, August 15

If someone mentions baseball, you can probably begin to hear the sounds in your head. The crack of the bat. The umpire calling balls and strikes. The call of the food vendor selling popcorn and crackerjacks. Even the mowing of the lawn. Wait, a lawnmower? If you're Randy Roberts, the [...]
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A Wreck for Jesus

Monday, August 12

When Martin Schiele crawled out of the emergency door of his overturned school bus, he had no idea his prospects for playing Division I basketball had ended. Schiele and his Griffith High School (Indiana) teammates were headed to compete in a semifinal state basketball game on March 19, [...]
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Black Belts and Books

Wednesday, July 31

How Taekwondo Inspired Jerry Koontz to Complete his Degree When thirty-six-year-old Jerry Koontz of Elkhart, IN found himself volunteering at his sons’ martial arts academy two nights per week for several hours, he was struck with an idea. The excuse of a lack of time would [...]
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Wanting & Wayfinding

Tuesday, July 30

Hannah Deblois’ parents, Michael (BA 89) and Sue (Herbert BS 88) Deblois, have been ministers most of her life, pastoring a small church in Michigan while also holding down part-time jobs in the school district. “We didn’t always know where the money was going to come from,” remembers Deblois, [...]
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Thursday, July 25

How Grace Graduate, Jamin Parker, took a job with Mercedes Benz as a Launching Pad into his Career After visiting a slew of colleges in 2011, high school senior, Jamin Parker, decided to attend Grace College. For the Indiana native, offered a full-ride scholarship for academics and
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It’s All About Relationships

Friday, July 19

Have you ever considered the ripple effect one relationship has? John Hummel did, and he still does. He accepted Jesus as his personal savior while attending a Brethren National Youth Conference. Since that time in high school, John has taken the different curveballs life has thrown him. [...]
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An Evening at Three Rivers Festival

Tuesday, July 16

We love our community. Plain and simple. So it’s no surprise that we are active participants in the goings-on of northern Indiana.  This past weekend, we packed up some merch, loaded the Grace van, and hit the [...]
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Is It In You?

Tuesday, June 4

Is it in you? That's what Gatorade used to ask us when trying to sell us their beverage. Whether they were trying to encourage us to 'be like Mike' or to drink up life like a sport, Gatorade was convincing us they were the thirst quencher. That's their story [...]
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Numbers Do Lead to People

Thursday, May 9

What were you dreaming about becoming when you were a child? Did it include combing through files to ensure your client was protected against a tax audit? Or were you dreaming of something that sounded a bit more heroic? It could be you never considered the difference you could [...]
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Be Our Guest: Your Guide to the Best Eats around Grace College

Saturday, April 27

Be our guest! We are thrilled to have you come visit Grace College, but while you’re here, you can’t miss out on our lively food scene! Don’t leave without taking a seat at a table and enjoying one of the many local restaurants that make our community unique. You’ll find [...]
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