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Why is College Important?

Why is college important? Take advantage of the opportunities and rich experiences of learning and the importance of college at Grace College.

Graduating from high school and beginning college is a big step. Questions you don’t know how to answer come at you from every direction.

What will you major in? What job will you get? Is college even the right decision for you? Why is college important?

Taking this new journey isn’t easy, and we understand your hesitations. In college, there seems to be a lot of pressure to know what you want to do with your life. But the truth is, the importance of college is more than simply preparing for a career. In fact, there is a lot of value in the college experience even for those who don’t have a clue what they are going to do after graduating.

Even our professors get that. Professor Mike Yocum, associate professor of communication, said,  “It’s difficult, and even unusual, for students to know exactly what they want to be or do until they’ve tried out a few options,” said.

Why is college important to us? When you come to Grace, you don’t need to know your major or have a life plan. College is not exclusively for those who have it all figured out; it’s for those who are willing to embark on a transformative journey with a community bigger than themselves.

Department of Humanities at Grace College

College is More than a Classroom

Why is college important? Hint: it’s not just the lectures, the group projects, and the tests.

The classroom experience is an essential part of going to college, but educational opportunities expand beyond the academic building walls — they are on the court or on the stage, in the church or in the community, with your friends or with your colleagues. College isn’t just about checking off your required classes. It’s about shaping who you are, discovering your faith, and taking every opportunity for adventure and growth.

At Grace, you’ll find a platform for all of these. With community living, you’ll experience friendships you might have for the rest of your life. Campus dining fosters camaraderie and new connections. Clubs and events give you the opportunity to bond in new ways and try things you’ve never tried before. You never know what exploration your day might be filled with when you start at Grace. That’s what makes college so formative and unique!

Kathryn Joachim graduated from Grace with a degree in graphic design, but her design classes weren’t the only place where she gleaned insights about life.

“At the heart of Grace is really strong relationships,” Joachim said. “I look back fondly and feel that Grace was exactly what I needed in that season. It was a safe space to grow, to develop skills, and to get the support that I needed fresh out of high school. I am still so grateful for all that Grace did to put me on the path to my career and life.”

Located in Indiana, Grace College has over 90 majors and minors. Contact us so Grace College Admissions can help you find your Way to Grace.

College is More than a Degree

When you graduate from Grace, you’ll have a bachelor’s (and maybe a master’s) to take with you into your career. But the importance of college education goes beyond your degree. 

Graduating from college means you’ve learned valuable skills like self-motivation, independence, hard work, and collaboration. These are what will assist you the most in your career. Nothing can replace the way that college leads you through these lessons in life.

Quentin Blackford, a Grace alumnus and now the CFO and COO of Dexcom, says, “I wouldn’t be prepared today had it not been for the spiritual foundation I received at Grace. I needed that discipline and structure that would keep me focused.”

At Grace, we will support you and encourage you, but we will also challenge you to look beyond what high school taught you so that you can become a better version of yourself – more effective and hardworking in whatever you do.

While you’re getting your degree, you’ll develop skills specific to your major, but you’ll also learn habits that will assist you in thriving in your future workplace, whether that’s in an office, a field, or at home. When you get your first job, you’ll be able to put these skills to work as you learn more about where you want your career to go.


College is an Opportunity

Are you still asking the question, “Why is college important?”

Ultimately, college is an opportunity. 

An opportunity to discover who you are and what you want to do with your life. Even if you change your mind, education is as much about how you learn as it is what you learn. Taking advantage of the many opportunities which happen in college will be key to obtaining lifelong friendships and rich experiences.

Not sure what you’re doing after high school? 

Give us a call to schedule a visit today. Just one visit with us will change the trajectory of your life. If you’re open to it, adventure lies straight ahead.

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