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Top 20+ Best Apps for College Students

Grace College suggests the best apps for college students that could help you in college. Best college apps to help you succeed. Find your path at Grace!

When it comes to succeeding in college, there are a number of things you need. Many of these elements have stood the test of time: a comprehensive packing list, a good roommate, and a local church home. But here’s one your parents didn’t have to think about when they went off to college — apps. 

Downloading apps for college students could make a world of a difference for you in college. The right apps will not only save you time and keep you accountable, but they will also help you ace your exams or even choose where you’re enjoying your next meal.   

Read on for what we have determined as the top 20+ apps for college students. 

Best College Apps For Study

  1. Vocabulary Builder from Magoosh – When you need a more extensive vocabulary for your speech or English course, what better way to elevate your vocabulary than a quiz game? Whether you are writing for an entrance exam, a graduate-level paper, or simply for the sake of growing, learning new words never needs to be a scary proposition.
  2. Dragon Dictation – This app allows you to easily dictate documents of any length, edit, format and share them directly from your iPhone or iPad — whether you’re visiting a job site or your local coffee shop. Now that’s #winning. 
  3. Brainscape – Smart Flashcards – For those who enjoy the old-school method of flashcards but would like to save money and paper, Brainscape is for you! Brainscape also allows you to share across devices and with friends. This way, studying can be a communal experience.
  4. Evernote & Penultimate – This might just be one of the best apps for college students. It’s the ultimate note-taking app. Any app-maker that understands its reach to multiple generations and varied tastes deserves to be on a list such as this.
  5. SelfControl – Turn off your other apps with this convenient timer so that you can study. For anyone with the willpower to do this without an app, please don’t judge the rest of us!

Honorable mentions




Apps For College Students in Everyday Life

  1. Wunderlist – The life of a college student is an entrance into adulthood, which means keeping track of responsibilities, relationships, and everything else requiring attention to detail. A to-do list can help you maintain focus on the present while not allowing one to forget what’s looming. 
  2. Feedly – There’s so much great content on the internet. We’re bound to miss much of it. By simply plugging in your interests, you can find blogs and news sites that will cater to what you enjoy. Enjoy reading on your own schedule and all in one place.
  3. Venmo – Instead of asking the waiter to split the check six ways, this app can transfer cash to a friend. College students may not have a lot of cash, but managing it digitally is key. 
  4. Alarmy – Sleeping past the alarm will no longer be a problem for you when you get alarmy. This app gives you assignments like taking pictures of different rooms, shaking the phone, or solving math problems in order to get the alarm to turn off. This just might be your saving grace for your next 8 a.m. exam.
  5. Zotero – Researching and creating citations will not be a hassle if you use this app. If you choose to download it on your computer for free, you’ll be able to create citations and save all your research. If you use the internet webpage, you’ll be able to create citations under any format requirements.
Grace College suggests the best apps for college students that could help you in college. Best college apps to help you succeed. Find your path at Grace!

Apps For Everything Else

  1. MyFitnessPal – Being productive in every other area of life won’t happen if one is out of shape. MyFitness Pal is a great app for tracking workouts and diet. With this handy app, you can track nutrients by either scanning the barcodes of various food items or manually finding them in the app’s large pre-existing database.
  2. GasBuddy – Going on a weekend road trip with your pals? Use this app to find out where to stop for the cheapest gas prices. 
  3. Uber Eats and Doordash – while campus dining often offers a wide variety of options, sometimes you just can cure your craving for late-night Taco Bell. These apps will deliver whatever your heart desires to your next late-night hangout in the dorm. 
  4. Poshmark – Need a way to make some quick cash? Got some extra clothes on your hands? Poshmark is an app that allows you to sell clothes from the comfort of your dorm room!
  5. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts App – In college, there’s no doubt that you’ll be drinking lots of coffee. Download your favorite coffee shop apps to sign up for reward programs and benefit from special offers and freebies, because let’s face it – college students love free stuff!
  6. Weather App – Sure, looking out the window works sometimes, but when you need to check the weather for your hall bonfire event tomorrow night, having a weather app is a must.

Apps for Grace College

  1. Canvas Student – Ever want to check your grades or submit an assignment on the go? Using the Canvas app, you can keep track of grades and changes that your professor makes to your course pages.
  2. Everyday – Grace College has two dining halls, Alpha Dining Commons and Westy Grill. Alpha’s menu changes up everyday, so it’s nice to know ahead of time what’s being served. Get this app so you can stay informed on what your food choices are.
  3. iAttended – This app is used to help you keep track of your chapel credits. When you attend, we want to know!
  4. Handshake – As part of our freshman core classes, we want to help set you up for a successful career after college. That’s why we use an online platform to connect you to potential employers and countless opportunities to put yourself out there.
  5. PayRange – Gone are the days of using quarters to pay for your laundry! Simply load money onto the app, choose a washer or dryer, swipe to pay, and start your load!

While the list of best apps for college students is a long one, don’t forget to stay connected on campus. Apps are meant to be tools, not crutches. Remember to be present and get in the loop with what is happening on campus…oh wait, there are apps for that too! 

If you don’t already have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat, then add them to your list of apps for college students. If you already have them downloaded, be sure to follow Grace College on each platform to stay up-to-date with all that is happening on our campus and in our community. 

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