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Grace College Tuition Costs

Grace College Costs 2022-2023 (Main Campus)

On-Campus Commuter
Undergraduate Tuition - 12-18 hour block (Freshman, Transfer) $28,148 $28,148
Room and Board - First Year Students $10,276 $0
Comprehensive Student Fee $900 $900
Textbook Rental Fee $250 $250
Total Direct Costs $39,574 $29,298

Undergraduate Tuition and Costs

Tuition Expenses for Academic Year 2022-2023
1-11 Hours (Per Credit Hour) $1,002
Over 18 Hours (Per Credit Hour) $628
GracePlus (per course) $150
Audit (Per Credit Hour) $244

Note: Block pricing is based on consistent enrollment

Summer Expenses
2022 Tuition (Per Credit Hour) $606
Online Course Fee $300
2023 Tuition (Per Credit Hour) $300

Room Cost Per Academic Year
All First Year Residence Halls $5,278
Kent Hall and Lancer Lofts (Plus Utilities) $5,960
Boyer Apartments, Encompass, Gamma C. (Plus Utilities) $5,646

Other Fees
Parking Fee $100
Parking Fee, Additional Vehicle $10
Independent Study Fee (Per Credit Hour) $150
Private Tutorial Fee (Per Credit Hour) $150
Nursing Fee $1,000
Engineering Fee $2,000
Online Course Fee* $300
John Patrick University Academic Fee (currently subsidized by Lilly Endowment grant) $1000
Logos Software Fee (Blended Seminary) $250
Purdue University Academic Fee (currently subsidized by Lilly Endowment grant) $1000
Graduation Fee $75
Cost Sharing Fee (returning full-time fall students) $600
Cost Sharing Fee (returning full-time spring students)** $300
Cost Sharing Fee (returning part-time students) $100

*Online fee will not be refunded after add/drop date.

**Spring 2023 returning students not enrolled Fall 2022

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