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Grace Core Curriculum

Grace College’s commitment to lifelong learning and career readiness is demonstrated through our College Core curriculum, a common and shared experience faithful to the mission and heritage of the college.

The Core aims to inspire transformative learning for all of life’s callings in all of life’s relationships. Through the Core, every student completes a series of general education courses which cultivate a Christian understanding of the liberal arts and invite students to reflect upon and engage God’s infallible source of truth as revealed in His Word and through His creation.

Core courses are designed to help students:

  • Develop a Christian worldview
  • Form a biblical foundation
  • Foster a curiosity for learning about the physical and natural world
  • Infuse intellectual and practical skills
  • Encounter world cultures
  • Participate in applied learning experiences

These objectives contribute to developing the whole person for lifelong learning, leading students to respond to Christ’s calling through all of life’s vocations.

Grace College’s - Grace Core Curriculum is designed to help students develop a Christian worldview and form a biblical foundation.