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Art Department -Visual and Performing Arts

Our expanded Art Department offers a college of Visual and Performing Arts with opportunities for broader artistic expressions as forms of worship.

Grace College’s Art Department - a College of Visual and Performing Arts develops creativity. A Christian college of art and design.

Creativity offers us a chance to emulate the artistic excellence of our Creator. Being made in His image means that we have a desire to be like Him in the creative process, as well as in our enjoyment of His creation. Because our creativity reflects an act of worship, our work is bonded with our faith.

The goal of the art department is to provide students with studies, practice, and experiences from a Christ-centered perspective that will serve to guide their ability to demonstrate excellence in creative work; achieve competency in the use of tools and technology; and articulate analytical perceptions in theoretical, cultural, and stylistic contexts.

The Visual and Performing Arts faculty is dedicated to assisting students in defining their calling as artists, Christians, and professionals so they can communicate with expertise in our culturally diverse world—where creative expression really does matter.



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