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Music Production Major

The Music Production major at Grace College is designed to equip students to meet the growing needs of live audio, studio recording, and video production in schools and churches. As you consider an array of colleges with Music Production majors near you in the midwest, be assured that when you find your way to Winona Lake, Indiana, you will discover a top college for Music Production taught with a Christian worldview. A Grace College Music Production degree will help you make life changing connections between God’s word and audio/video skills, preparing you to weigh questions and create artistic narratives through technology in a Christian college context.

This program is for you if you are serious about creating an impact in a Music Production career. With a bachelor’s degree in Music Production, you will receive real-world experience ensuring you are equipped for jobs related to music production in churches, studios, and schools.

Upon completion of a major in music production, you will:

  • multitrack record, overdub, edit, and mix both live ensemble and electronically produced sources
  • record music for use on podcasts and multimedia
  • demonstrate abilities to fuse music production ability with skills in leadership, for the purpose of serving in a worship environment, production studio, or school
  • exhibit knowledge in utilizing individual artistic expression as a form of worship
  • evidence ability to conceive, organize, and record musical performances in the studio, as well as create video content and produce lighting environments
  • demonstrate the ability to employ media and technologies in developing and producing music and worship experiences.
  • optional semester in Nashville with the Contemporary Music Center

Future Music Production Artist, the way forward is Grace.

Educational Focus

  • Music Technology
  • Music Production
  • Video Production
  • Nashville Contemporary Music Center

Music Opportunities

  • Lancer Chorus
  • Gospel Choir
  • Wind Ensemble
  • String Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Pep Band
  • Chapel Band
  • Travel Team

Music Production Major Careers

  • Worship Tech Director
  • Studio Engineer
  • A/V for Businesses & Universities
  • Touring Audio, Lighting & Video Tech

Featured Staff

Walter Brath Assistant Professor of Worship Arts

Walter Brath, M.A., D.W.S

Assistant Professor of Worship Arts
Bethany Muck Part-time Instructor of Music Theory, Piano and Voice

Bethany Muck, M.A.

Part-time Instructor of Music Theory, Piano and Voice

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At the heart of a Grace education are academically challenging courses that are specifically designed to foster a thirst for character, competence, and service within the hearts and minds of our students.

Music Production major at Grace College equips students to meet the needs the music industry. Learn about a Christian Music Production Degree

"The core of this program is the pursuit of the Lord. Yes, this pursuit is multifaceted and may look differently in certain areas, but you will not find an area where the foremost goal is not to grow closer to God. It's pursuing excellence, but also humility. Becoming knowledgeable, but also teachable. It's a program that will grow and stretch you mentally, spiritually, and in a sense physically."

Ethan Leininger, Grace College Student

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