Faculty Directory


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Allebach, Craig

Chief, Campus Safety

Benyousky, Frank

Associate Professor, English

Bingham, Roger

Associate Professor, Management

Blum, Scott

Assistant Professor, Sports Management
Head Coach, Women's Basketball

Bosch, Nate

Associate Professor, Environmental Science; Center for Lakes & Streams; Director of Environmental Science Program

Bowling, James

Professor of Education 
NCATE Accreditation

Bremer, Cheryl

Assistant Professor, Education;
Director, Special Education Program

Burkholder, Jared

Chair, History and Political Science Department; Associate Professor, American and World History

Crabtree, Aaron

Dean of Students

DeYoung, Don

Chair, Science and Mathematics Department;
Professor, Physics

Edgington, Thomas

Dean, School of Behavioral Science;
Professor, Behavioral Science

Farwell, Kris

Program Director, Mathematics
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Fawcett, Jeff

Professor of Marketing and Dean, School of Business

French, John

Site Director, Weber Fort Wayne

Gaerte, Dennis

Professor, Education
Director of M.Ed. Program
Coordinator of Education Licensing

Gill, Jeffrey

V.P. and Dean of Seminary and  School of Ministry Studies;
Professor, Pastoral Studies

Graham, Joey

Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science

Grill, Stephen

Dean, School of Adult and Community Education;
Professor, Nontraditional Education

Grossnickle, Al

Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Director, Gordon Institute for Enterprise Development

Harmon, Matthew

Professor, New Testament Studies

Hill, Christine

Associate Professor, Spiritual Formation and Women's Ministries

Hoffert, Rachael

Assistant Professor of Education

Jeffreys, Richard

Adjunct Professor, Biochemistry

Johnson, Darrell

Professor, Sport Management
Coordinator, Gordan Recreation Facility

Katip, William

President, Grace College and Theological Seminary;
Associate Professor, Psychology

Kessler, James

Associate Professor, Sport Management
Men's Basketball Head Coach

Koontz, Rick

Associate Professor, Computer Information;
Program Director, Management of Information Systems

Kovac, Brooke

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Kurtaneck, Timothy

Director, The National Institute (Youth Ministry)

Ladd, Rhonda

Assistant Professor of Graduate Online Counseling and Interpersonal Relations

LaGioia, Rock

Associate Professor Pastoral Studies

Lee, Marcia

Professor, Biological Science

Lewis, Ed

Executive Director, CE National;
The National Institute (Youth Ministry)

Loebs, Patrick

Assistant Professor, Communication

Manahan, Ron

Senior Advisor to the President, Grace College and Theological Seminary;
Professor, Biblical Studies

McEwan, Kenneth

Instructor, Finance

Navarro, Benjamin

Assistant Professor, Spanish

Nesbitt, James

Scholar in Residence

Norris, M. M.

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences;
Professor, European and World History

Olges, David

Assistant Professor of Graduate Counseling and Interpersonal Relations

Owen, Laurinda

Dean, School of Education;
Associate Professor, Education

Palmer, Rhoda

Associate Director,
Public and Electronic Services,
Morgan Library

Park, Stephen

Director, Korean Program

Peck, Jeffrey

Associate Professor, Education;

Peugh, Roger

Campus Prayer Coordinator;

Part-time Instructor, World Mission

Preffer, Jenny

Assistant Professor, Graduate Online Counseling and Interpersonal Relations

Ramsey, Brian

Site Director, Weber Indianapolis

Rata, Tiberius

Chair, Biblical Studies Department;
Professor, Old Testament Studies

Reiff, Kim

Chair, Art Department;
Assistant Professor, Art

Reimer, JoLynn

Bethel College Coordinator of Nursing Programs (on the Grace Campus)

Robbins, Steve

Associate Director, Library Technical Services

Roberts, Kevin

Chair, Behavioral Science Department;

Professor, Counseling

Roberts, Richard

Assistant Professor, Biology
Director, Biology and Health Professions Program

Sauders, Paulette

Chair, Department of Languages, Literature and Communication;
Professor, English and Journalism

Schram, Jacqueline

Associate Professor, Modern Languages;
Associate Dean, Student Affairs

Schultz, Tammy

Professor, Graduate Department of Counseling and Interpersonal Relations

Sisson, Cindy

V.P. of Enrollment Managament;

Part-time Instructor, GOAL and Behavioral Science

Slaughter, George

Professor, Psychology

Soto, Mark

Professor, Theological Studies;
Director, MA in Ministry Studies Program;

Stallter, Tom

Professor, Intercultural Studies and World Mission;
Executive Director, GTS Center for Korean Studies

Stichter, Roger

Professor, Accounting

Swanson, James

V.P. of Student Affairs and Academic Services

Assistant Professor, Sociology

Teevan, John

Executive Director, Grace Community Education

Vuncannon, Jerry

Instructor, Online Graduate Counseling

Woods, J. D.

Associate Professor, Art

Yocum, Carrie

V.P. of Administration and Compliance

Yocum, Michael

Associate Professor, Communication

Young, Timothy

Associate Professor, Art

Ziebarth, Tim

Dean of Online Education

Part-time Instructor,
GOAL and Business