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What Do College Students Think About Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Day

It’s that time of year. Red and pink decorate every store, restaurant, and classroom. Love letters are written. Candy hearts are given. And secret admirers everywhere can bring their hidden affection to the light. To some, Valentine’s Day is the best day of the year. But ask others, and you’ll hear quite the opposite. Rather than force a consensus on the Grace College campus, we decided to hand over the mic and let the students speak for themselves.

Find out how some of our students feel about Valentine’s Day and what plans they have this year!

Valentines Day

The Love Enthusiasts

“I think it’s a fun holiday for couples to express their love in a different way. Overall, I really enjoy it because it’s a day full of love. My boyfriend is taking me on a fun little dinner date, and then we are going to make fondue and dip strawberries for dessert!”

Brooke Kohler, Psychology

“I think Valentine’s Day is a good day to have. As much as I would like to always give my significant other a bunch of attention, we just get busy. So it is nice to have a day where we can really focus on each other. This Valentine’s Day I’ll be running at a track meet, but if I didn’t have that, I would take my girlfriend out on a nice dinner date.” 

Connor Kitson, Exercise Science 

“I think Valentine’s Day is fun because I get to treat my girl. I also get to dress up more than normal–I like being called cute and stuff. This Valentine’s Day I’m taking my girl out to dinner and then going to see a speaker afterward.”

Victor Hughes, Exercise Science 

“I’m all in favor of it! This year, I will get my wife flowers, and offer to take her out to supper but will probably end up bringing something home to enjoy.”

Dr. Darrell Johnson, Sport Management Professor

“I think it can be a great time to reflect on the people we love in our lives and show appreciation to them. I think it’s nice to have an intentional time to remember that.” 

Clayton Bender, Digital Marketing 

“I think it’s a sweet day that I definitely enjoyed more as a kid because of all the candy! My parents typically go out for the evening which I think is super cute. I, however, don’t have any plans because I don’t have a sweetheart.”

Tara Friesen, Psychology

Valentines Day

Bye Bye, Valentine

I think Valentine’s day is a pointless holiday. Couples shouldn’t show their love for each other on just one day, they should be doing it every day. Valentine’s Day is a day where couples spend money on expensive gifts to try and woo each other. I’m not fully against the holiday, but it can make single people feel worse about themselves.”

Julia Malson, Psychology

“The ‘holiday’ is overemphasized in our culture. I think that the day can easily be morphed into an unhealthy celebration.”

Sacia Hanson, Elementary Education

“I think Valentine’s Day is cheesy! It is definitely not something I get excited for nor do I do anything special. I don’t have any specific plans yet, but it’s always a good excuse for a fancy date night.”

Cassidy Wasson, Facility & Event Management

“I personally think Valentine’s Day is over-publicized in society. I can’t say I even know where it originates from, and I tend to forget about it until the day it actually comes. I see it as a ‘make your significant other feel appreciated’ day. I might take advantage of the good deals and grab some chocolate too! My fiance and I have our anniversary two days before Valentine’s Day, so normally we go out on the 12th and make it count for both!” 

Quinn Shelton, Excercise Science

Valentines Day

The Neutrals

“I think Valentine’s Day is a hit or miss depending on your relationship status. I think you should be trying to win your significant other every day and not just on Valentine’s Day. My plans are to spend quality time with and spoil someone’s daughter.” 

Martin Schiele, Business

“I have mixed thoughts about it. I would much rather receive chocolates and a bouquet of flowers on a random day as a surprise. I think it’s overhyped but another part of me thinks it’s fun. This year, I’m going to Oak & Alley with my husband, mom, and sister!” 

Trista Davis, Visual Communication Design

“I think it’s a good excuse to spend money and hang out with a certain somebody. Other than that, it’s overhyped. We don’t have plans at the moment, however, I am sure some plans will develop.”

Brady Willard, Sport Management

“I think it’s slightly overrated and is just another day that I have to spend money. But I will take my girlfriend out to dinner that night.” 

Kye Barrett, Sport Management

So there you have it! Our students’ opinions on Valentine’s Day fall on all sides of the spectrum. So wherever you land, you will belong here!  To learn more about Grace, a place where single and dating students alike pursue excellence in their academic, personal and spiritual lives, visit

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