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What is a Rewarding Career?

Steps Toward a Rewarding Career


What is a rewarding career? 

It’s a good question, isn’t it? There are countless people who are asking this question – whether it’s the person who is in between jobs, someone who wishes they were in between jobs, or most relevant to us at Grace, someone who is just beginning their career and vocation.

So, what is a rewarding career? 

At Grace, we know rewarding jobs come in many forms. Many of our graduates have gone on to impact their communities and make a difference in the lives of others. Some have even effected change at the national level or in other countries. But at the heart of it, we believe that in any workplace, field or vocation, there is the opportunity to love God and love your neighbor. As long as those two priorities remain central, you can find reward in just about any job you choose. 

So, what is a rewarding career? Check out these five examples of our graduates who have accomplished much for the kingdom in a wide variety of fields. 

What is a Rewarding Career? Grace College prepares you for life and a career. Check out our 100+ programs and discover Rewarding Jobs.

School of Arts and Sciences – Christian Sheckler

In 2017, ProPublica chose journalist Christian Sheckler to spend a year investigating wrongful convictions in Elkhart County. Through his work, Sheckler discovered that many people accused of misconduct were promoted, and his findings encouraged a greater sense of transparency and accountability in Elkhart County. 

“I take it very seriously that jobs and reputations are on the line,” Sheckler said. “I never go into an investigation hoping that my work ends up harming someone. But I do hope that if there is mismanagement or corruption going on, that we can get to the bottom of it, that we will be able to present what we find accurately and fairly, and that it will be taken seriously.”

Learn more about Sheckler’s career as a Christian journalist or find out how you can use a journalism degree to promote justice

School of Behavioral Science – Tiffany Juarez 

After many years in social work, Tiffany Juarez opened Battling Minds LLC, a company that offers solutions-based therapy to veterans, first responders, and individuals experiencing homelessness. Juarez uses nontraditional methods like walk and talk therapy and run therapy to meet the needs of clients at their comfort level. 

“I love helping people identify their strengths and holding hope for them until they are ready to take it on their own,” Juarez said. “I’ve seen amazing individuals work through really tough situations and create opportunities for themselves that they never had before.”

Discover more about Tiffany Juarez and learn about how you can help others find their strength with a counseling degree


What is a Rewarding Career? Grace College prepares you for life and a career. Check out our 100+ programs and discover Rewarding Jobs.

School of Business – Language Matters

While they were studying at Grace, brothers Arturo and Lucas Fonseca started Language Matters, a business that offers language services to individuals, schools, and organizations. They focus on teaching languages people need to thrive in their everyday lives, and they also expose their clients to the new cultures they will encounter. 

Tutors at Language Matters focus on “equipping leaders and learners in our community and really giving them a voice,” Lucas said. “There are so many places that need support and that could use help with these kinds of services.”

Find out more about Language Matters to learn how you can meet needs in your community with a degree in business

School of Education – Corey Smith

In 2012, Corey Smith opened the Smith Academy for Excellence, an all-boys charter school established to strategically develop elite scholars of responsibility, dignity, character, and service. Smith seeks to know his students personally and to show them the love of God. He says his success stems from the mentors, many of whom he met at Grace, who have helped him discover what rewarding jobs look like. 

“All of this is a trickle-down effect of my own faith formation at Grace College,” Smith said. “And now, generations of my students are the benefactors.”

Check out the rest of Corey Smith’s story and learn about how you can invest in the next generation with an education degree.

What is a Rewarding Career? Grace College prepares you for life and a career. Check out our 100+ programs and discover Rewarding Jobs.

School of Ministry Studies – Sam Erwin

Sam Erwin knows the answer to “What is a rewarding career?” combines two of his passions: ministry and coffee. He works at Turning Point Education Center running the Turning Point Coffee Company. They provide a place for the students to connect with mentors and learn skills that lead to rewarding jobs and to raise money for educational opportunities for the students. 

“Our mission at Turning Point is to share Jesus with students and connect them to Christ,” Erwin said. “We want to create an upward turning point in lives that are going downhill. When you buy a bag of coffee from Turning Point, the proceeds go to further that mission.”

Read the rest of Sam Erwin’s story and discover ways to use your unique passions to share the love of Christ with a degree in ministry studies

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