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School of Behavioral Sciences

Did you know that the word “psyche” in Greek means soul? Now you’re getting a picture of how we do psychology in the School of Behavioral Sciences.

A Christian worldview begs a second look at the study of the mind and the study of the soul. The School of Behavioral Science is no exception; with Christ at the center, our Bachelor Behavioral Science students are trained to serve lovingly and truthfully in a field that desperately needs grace. Courses in this school not only cover the theoretical concepts and researched discoveries, both historical and recent, but they also delve into the experimental and clinical methodologies that define this discipline.

The school’s desire is to see students develop intuitive responses to the tough challenges that modern psychology presents to the professional and the client alike. Of course, as students strive toward excellence in this delicate field, they will be led by full-time, licensed, and certified faculty who have worked in their field and who have grounded their work in their beliefs.

School of Behavioral Sciences Majors


Kelly L. Arney Department Chair, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Kelly L. Arney, M.S., Ph.D.

Dean, School of Behavioral Science; Professor of Criminal Justice

Phone: 574-372-5100, ext. 6068