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Support Services

Grace realizes that as a home away from home for many students, we have a responsibility to provide the services students need to equip them for success and excellence.


From the various computer labs located around campus to extensive catalog and peaceful atmosphere of the Morgan Library to the student Learning Center in Indiana hall, Grace is determined to provide academic support for any student who seeks it.

For those who just need a stress-relieving study beak or want to maintain health and fitness, the Gordon Health and Wellness Center is available free of charge to all on and off-campus students. When students do become ill or injured, the nurse’s office is available to all students and is open throughout the school week.

Finally, Grace offers several campus dining options, including Alpha Dining, open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, allowing students to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the company of fellow students.

Academic Assistance

The Learning Center staff works with students to provide academic support in whatever area they need, aiming to provide quality learning assistance such as tutoring, writing help, disability services, and student accountability.

Recreation Center

Each Grace student has access to the Gordon Health and Wellness Center, which offers a full range of services to promote wellness and physical fitness. The facilities at the Recreation Center include:


Students have access to the Morgan Library located on campus. The Morgan Library now contains more than 150,000 volumes which are classified in the Library of Congress classification system. Staffed with several full time librarians, the Morgan Library serves as the perfect place to discover research for whatever project you may need.

Counseling Services

Grace offers free counseling services through the Health and Wellness Center, located on the first floor of Indiana Hall. The counseling staff desires to meet the unique needs of our veteran students and help them as they return to “civilian” life.

Veteran's Specialist Contact Information

Charlette Sauders, Director of Financial Aid/VA SCO
Phone: (574) 372.5100 ext. 6161
Indiana Hall

Monday through Friday
8 am – 5 pm

Student Information