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Faculty Directory

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Cheryl Bremer, Ed.D.

Dean School of Education; Professor of Education
800-544-7223, ext. 6146

Jared Burkholder, Ph.D.

Professor of American and World History; Program Director, History and Political Science
800-544-7223, ext. 6006

Joe Frentzel, Ph.D.

Dr. Eugene Inman Endowed Chair of Science and Mathematics at Grace & Program Director, Biology
800-544-7223 ext. 6444

Martha-Elena Granados, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Languages (Spanish)
800-544-7223 ext. 6281

Florell Hand, M.S.

Systems Manager, Accreditation Coordinator, Field Experience Coordinator and Licensing Coordinator; School of Education
800-544-7223, ext. 6141

Rachael L. Hoffert, Ed.D.

Chair, Elementary Education; Professor of Education
800-544-7223, ext. 6145

Ryan Johnson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Mathematics; Director, Mathematics Program; Director of General Education
800-544-7223, ext. 6304

Mark Marston Norris, Ph.D.

Professor of European and World History; Pre-law Advisor; Director, Winona History Center
800-544-7223, ext. 6256

Laurie A. Owen, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Education; Chair, Secondary Education; Director of Student Teaching
800-544-7223, ext. 6148

Mistie Potts, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education
800-544-7223, ext. 6142

Lauren G. Rich, Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Humanities; Associate Professor of English; Program Director, English and Journalism
800-544-7223 ext. 6151

Lindsey Richter, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Languages (French); Director, Modern Languages Program; Director of the Institute for Global Studies
800-544-7223 ext. 6156

Rick Roberts, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, School of Science and Engineering; Pre-Health Professions Coordinator; Associate Professor of Biology
800-544-7223, ext. 6448

Courtney Thrasher, M.Ed.

Alternative Program and Partnership Director
574-372-5100 ext. 6147

Kevin Voogt, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education
800-544-7223, ext. 6149