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Lancers Live Loud: Randy Roberts

Randy Roberts Grace College
If someone mentions baseball, you can probably begin to hear the sounds in your head. The crack of the bat. The umpire calling balls and strikes. The call of the food vendor selling popcorn and crackerjacks. Even the mowing of the lawn.
Wait, a lawnmower? If you’re Randy Roberts, the coach of the Washington Township High School baseball team, then the sound of the mower is synonymous with the game. That’s because he’s been mowing that lawn for twenty-four years.
Randy Roberts Grace CollegeRoberts takes personal pride in keeping the ball fields looking nice. He adds, “It gives me plenty of time to think about baseball.” One can do a lot of game-planning and strategizing while mowing the lawn. This past summer was the first time he had to do both while preparing for a state championship game.
The Washington Township Senators competed against the University Trailblazers in the Class A state title game. It was a game they lost 4-1, but their first state appearance won’t be quickly forgotten.
When he has his coach’s hat on, Roberts admits the time spent with the boys keeps him feeling young. In fact, his favorite part of coaching is just being with the boys. They practice and play during the spring and summer, and they lift weights and train during the fall and winter.
Where does Roberts find the strength for such a demanding year-long commitment? It might stem from his days at Grace College, where he learned from “godly men and women who loved God, loved their jobs, and loved the students.”
An Elementary Education graduate from 1984, Randy notes how the town of Winona Lake has only grown in beauty. But even back then, the strong character of the school was present. Playing four years as a starter for the Lancers, the friendships he made on and off the field were a big part of the life-changing experience he had while at Grace.
Randy Roberts Grace CollegeMany look back and realize just how influential their education was. This is especially true of the years we spend at college. That’s why Grace College pours so much effort into a wholistic experience for every college student.
Coach Roberts still remembers the relationships he formed here on campus. He recalls the professors who spent so much time pouring knowledge and wisdom into his life. And if he closes his eyes, he can still hear the sounds on campus.
Can you hear the laughter of bantering students as they walk to class? The sound of the chimes marking each passing hour across campus? The fountain mist falling gently on the pond? They are the sounds of a college campus you could be on! Give us a call and schedule a visit. Come and listen to our story and share yours with us. Learn how we can make your college years fruitful for laying down a foundation for your career and your life.
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