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Special Education Major / Elementary Ed Major

A dual licensure major in Special Education and Elementary Education at Grace College will explore the ins and outs of teaching all students including those with disabilities.

As you consider an array of colleges with Special Education majors near you in the Midwest, be assured that when you find your way to Winona Lake, Indiana, you will discover a top college for a Special Education Degree taught with a biblical worldview. A Grace College degree in both special education and elementary education will help you make workable connections between theory and applied practice, preparing you to meet the needs of all students in demanding educational contexts. 

This program is for you if you are serious about creating an impact with an education career. With a bachelor’s degree in elementary education/special education, you will be required to get real-world experience ensuring you are equipped for multiple positions in public schools, private schools, Christian schools, and countless other areas. 

Future teacher, the way forward is Grace.

Educational Focus

  • Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • Elementary Special Education Teacher
  • Special Education Consultant
  • Resource Room Teacher
  • Middle School Special Education Teacher
  • High School Special Education Teacher

Professional Opportunities

  • Collaborate and co-teach with general education teachers
  • Experiences in a variety of educational settings
  • Grace College Council for Exceptional Children
  • Experiences in preschool through high school settings
  • Student teaching experience in both elementary and special education

Teacher Technology Training

  • Learn about Teacher Technology Training
  • SAMR Framework
  • MimioStudio software
  • STEM applications
  • iPad Technology
  • Google Fundamentals Training
  • Google Educator Level 1 Certification
  • Seesaw Learning platform
  • Flipgrid
  • Vevox
  • Loom & more
  • Assistive Technology

Special Education / Elementary Ed is a Good Fit for Those Who Are:

  • Effective Communicators
  • Service Oriented
  • Team Players
  • Flexible Thinkers
  • Lifelong Learners
  • Servant Leaders
Student Teachers Cheryl Bremer

Featured Staff

Cheryl Bremer Dean School of Education; Professor of Education

Cheryl Bremer, Ed.D.

Dean School of Education; Professor of Education
National Recognition

by the Council for Exceptional Children


hours of field experience in local K-6 classrooms (in addition to campus coursework)

Dual Licensure

in elementary education and mild intervention that meets Indiana's exceptional needs licensure requirements

Special Education degree, serve P-12 students with an Elementary Special Education Major / Elementary Education Major dual license.

Experienced Faculty & Staff

Our Special Education Major faculty and staff are expertly skilled in their fields and they care about your goals, future, and well being.

Meet Our School of Education Faculty
Rock that says, "to know Christ and to make him known"

Education with a Biblical Worldview

At the heart of a Grace education are academically challenging courses that are specifically designed to foster a thirst for character, competence, and service within the hearts and minds of our students.

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special education / elementary education major

“The education classes here at Grace are eye-opening,” Abigail Holmes, a current education student at Grace, said. “They made me realize that there is so much more to being a teacher than I thought, but they have also helped me learn how to handle these things.”

Abigail Holmes, Grace College Student

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