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Grace College to Begin New Intense Intervention Licensure Program

To meet the demands for special education teachers, Grace is introducing the Intense Intervention Graduate Licensure Program Online.

In order to meet the growing demands for special education teachers across the nation, Grace College is introducing a new online program. The Intense Intervention Graduate Licensure Program will allow students to add the knowledge and skills necessary to interact and educate those with significant disabilities. Completion of this 15-hour program will enable students to apply for an intense intervention licensure through the Indiana Department of Education.

This program is designed for undergraduate students pursuing mild intervention licensure as well as current educators looking to add to their range of skills and experiences. All of the curriculum for this program has been developed by experts in the field who have experience working with students with significant disabilities, autism, and communication disorders. 

Grace College Professor of Education and Chair of the Special Education Department Dr. Cheryl Bremer will serve as program director.  “I am beyond excited that Grace will now be part of the solution to the significant and widespread shortage of teachers prepared to meet the complex needs of students with disabilities. This initiative rounds out an already well-established special education program in the School of Education,” Bremer said. 

A strategic combination of coursework and clinical experiences was designed to ensure competency at every level as well as a deep understanding of how to meet the needs of the learner with exceptionalities. Those who complete this 12-month program will experience collaboration, assessments, and proven demonstration of their proficiency.

“The goal of this program is to help educators meet the needs of every child, one child at a time,” said Bremer. 

For more information, contact Program Director Dr. Cheryl Bremer at (574) 372-5100, ext. 6146 or 

Click here to see WSBT’s coverage of this awesome new program!

Student Teachers Cheryl Bremer

Click here to see WSBT's coverage of this awesome new program!

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