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Enneagram Two: College Edition

Learn about the Grace College Experience through the lens of an Enneagram Two: The “Helper” They are the caring,

Learn about the Grace College Experience through the lens of an Enneagram Two: The “Helper”

The Enneagram is a fascinating personality typing system that teaches there are nine different personality styles in the world. If you don’t know anything about the enneagram, visit the Enneagram Institute online to learn more. If you are a self-proclaimed “Enneagram-er,” read on! 

Twos are known as the “Helper.” They are the Caring, Interpersonal Type: Demonstrative, Generous, People-Pleasing, and Possessive.

Student Spotlight:

Hannah Delp



Why do you identify as a two?

I feel that if I’m not helping in some way, I’m hurting. Or I’m just being rude or not useful at all.

How has that played into your college experience?

Grace is actually where I discovered the Enneagram and my number. It has helped me to better understand myself and others, and therefore be a better human altogether and find “my people” that understand me and push me to be the healthiest version of myself.

What study tips do you have for your fellow twos?

I need peace and quiet. I often put off my studying or homework in order to help others, so disciplining myself to go to a local coffee shop or to find a quiet place for a few hours and just DO IT is usually what I have to do!

How are you involved on campus?

I work in the involvement office, play intramural basketball, and try to squeeze in and help wherever else I can.

Things to Consider While Selecting a College:

There are so many things to consider while choosing a college, but here are a few factors that might be extra important to consider as a two. 

  1. Service Opportunities — Is there a group on campus that organizes volunteering opportunities for students to serve
  2. Res Life Structure — Do the Resident Assistants play an active role in nurturing and helping the students on their hall? This type of position where you are given the opportunity to care for your peers could be a great fit for twos!

Majors that You Might Thrive In:

We aren’t saying that these are the only programs that you would fit in, nor are we suggesting that every enneagram two would be good in these fields. However, given your natural tendencies, you might just have a knack for one of these.

  1. Education —  Teachers (especially k-5) must have a tolerance for helping kids nonstop–a shoe needs tied, a student gets stuck on the monkey bars, a math problem is too hard, a child misses her mom, etc. If you find a sense of purpose and fulfillment in helping people, this would be a great track to pursue. 
  2. Pre-Med / Nursing — The medical field entails helping people in a physical way. Do you like helping and seeing the direct result of your care? 
  3. Counseling — Counseling is one of the most interpersonal fields out there. If you are natural at consoling, listening, and advising people in trauma of different kinds, counseling might be your calling. 

Campus Involvement Opportunities:

Again, these are not cookie-cutter placements, but here are some ways that, as a two, you can develop your skills of helping others and exercise your generosity.

Volunteering in the Community — As a two, you are off-the-wall generous. You leverage your energy, resources, and time to help those around you. So while looking at schools, make sure there are service groups on campus– these groups will connect you with individuals on and off campus.

Alumni Advice:

Grace College alumnus gives advice to college students who identify as a two.

Megan Geary, 2018 Graduate, Enneagram 2

  1. I believe twos thrive in college. Because the demands of college are often stressful, twos get to serve their friends in several ways. Twos have a sense for identifying other people’s needs and trying to meet them.
  2. As a two, I was drawn to leadership positions on campus. Grace provides many student leadership opportunities to care for and serve others (such as Growth Group Leaders and RAs). 
  3. I would encourage fellow twos to learn healthy ways of coping with stress. It’s also very helpful for twos to have someone to “upload” all their heavy thoughts on; however, twos are usually the ones people vent their frustrations to. Twos can thrive in college when they are emotionally healthy themselves.

Ways to Pursue Growth:

Here’s a practical growth step for you during your college experience.

Find friends who don’t need you. It’s easy to draw near to people who are needy because you feel accomplished when you are needed. But if you don’t have any friends at school that help meet your needs, then you will feel like you are constantly running on empty. Ask yourself: who is it that fills my cup?

Now we’ve covered ones and twos! Stay tuned for posts about the eight other enneagram types! Give us a call and find out how twos thrive at Grace!

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