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Shane Street Conquers Health Obstacles in Pursuit of Online Ministry Degree

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“It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!” said boxer Rocky Balboa in the popular sports franchise “Rocky.”

Similar to Rocky, the adjectives “fighter,” “conqueror,” and “champion” accurately describe Grace alumnus Shane Street. 

Street has stayed in the ring when life throws a few punches.

Through his journey, he is more motivated than ever to earn his online ministry degree while loving and serving others like Jesus.

Street was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, and has remained a Hoosier through and through. When he was in kindergarten, he moved to New Albany, Indiana, close to the Kentucky border. After that, Street attended high school 120 miles away in Hymera, Indiana. Little did he know at the time, these moves would strengthen his resiliency, something he would need later on in life.

Street was no stranger to hard work throughout his high school years. “I was working full-time and going to high school at age 17,” said Street. 

He was also involved in programs that taught him about auto-body repair, wiring cars, and aviation.

After a few years of working, Street met his wife when he was 28. A mutual friend introduced the two of them, and sparks began to fly. Soon after, the couple was married. His wife had two kids from her previous marriage, and the pair had one son together.

For most, adulthood is an exciting time of life; it’s the prime time for advancing one’s career and watching family members grow up. But for Shane, at age 37 he was unexpectedly diagnosed with MS.

This heart-breaking blow was devastating, forcing Street to relearn basic life skills. 

“I couldn’t work anymore since I was in a wheelchair, and I had to relearn how to walk,” said Street. “Everything I knew was unraveling, and it put me in a dark place.” 

When life seemed hopeless, Street found encouragement from the pastor at his local church, who reminded him, “God has a plan for you.” These life-giving words allowed Street to realize that the Lord was not done with him.

Around the same time, the youth pastor at Street’s church told the Streets about Grace’s online ministry degree options. As a youth group volunteer, Street knew that a degree in ministry leadership could help him hone his growing passion and fulfillment in working with youth. 

While his wife decided to enroll in Grace’s online program, Street needed one more push to get back into school. This is when the Lord reminded him of his grandma.

Interested in a Ministry Degree? Grace College offers an online ministry degree and walks with you through the process. Learn more today.

Street’s grandma had passed away several years before. She had continually encouraged him to earn a degree and make something of himself. Street knew this was his chance to heed her words, and he committed to pursuing a degree in ministry leadership at Grace.

It had been two decades since Street attended high school, so the idea of going back to school was admittedly nerve-wracking to him. Even though the program was online, he felt tremendous support from his professors. 

“I would talk to a professor, tell them what I was going through, and admit I’d be a little behind on my homework,” Street recalled. “They would respond with, ‘That’s no problem. Go and do what you can, and we will work through it together.’ All my instructors have been understanding and accommodating!”

The course content also made the experience enjoyable for Street. Even in coursework related to economics and math, one aspect always remained the same.

“All of our assignments are rooted in the Bible,” said Street. “Every class was built on the foundation that God is the Creator and Lord of all.”

As he’s completed his coursework, Street has prioritized his family. Online schooling has allowed him to maintain a presence in his home, help his kids with homework, and lead his family well.

Through it all, the Lord has used Street and his dark times to raise him up as a leader for others who have experienced health struggles, both at Grace and in his local community. 

“One of the people in my small group had three strokes, creating problems with talking and comprehending,” said Street. “Another young man recently had his leg amputated. In many situations like this, I have enjoyed being a mentor to others.” 

Street’s story is evidence that God is faithful and turns broken vessels into masterpieces. We just have to stay in the boxing ring.

In May of 2024, after taking punches left and right, Street walked across the stage to earn his associate’s degree from Grace. This upcoming fall, he will begin working towards his bachelor’s ministry degree.

“My goal is to get my bachelor’s degree and become a youth pastor,” said Street. “I will start my classes once fall comes, and I will take on my next journey!”

With this degree and experience, Street will continue to champion others who are also in need of a guiding hand.

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