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Get to Know Your Residence Life Staff

Your residence life staff & resident director are a vital part of your first year of college. Grace is a Christian College check us out.

You’ve arrived at your dorm room! As you start to unpack your things and meet your roommates, your Residence Life Director and Assistant Residence Life Director introduce themselves to you. You don’t really know what they do or how they can help you, (beyond helping carry in boxes from your car.) But they seem genuinely interested in getting to know you. The truth is, your residence staff is a vital part of your first year of college.

So, what does a residence director do? Your RD is in charge of all things dorm-related. They manage dorm events, resolve safety and maintenance issues, and help find solutions to any conflicts that may come up in your hall or room. And perhaps most of all, they are there to ensure that you have the support you need in this new living and learning environment.

We reached out to the residence directors and assistant residence directors at Grace and asked them a few questions so that you can start getting to know these extraordinary people!

Gershom Tadesse

Gershom Tadesse Resident Director for Beta Hall and Indiana Hall

Resident Director of Beta Hall and Indiana Hall

What are you most excited for in residence life this year?

I’m really excited to be the resident director of Indy for this year and for the team I have! My new “Bindy” team is going to kill it!

Do you have any funny childhood stories?

My sister once laid out her clothes on her bed before a sleepover and then left the house. I walked in seeing the clothes laid out and believed that she had been raptured and I had been left behind. She found me on her bedroom floor sobbing.

Do you have any obscure hobbies?

Scrapbooking. I love taking pictures and keeping them as memories.

What’s something embarrassing that happened to you in college?

I had a reputation in college for falling asleep in the middle of the day in random places. To the point where a decent amount of friends and fellow students have pictures of me asleep in their car, in a lobby, or even in class. One time, I found myself awoken in class, only to find it was the professor who had tapped me on the shoulder.

Averie Rulli

Your residence life staff & resident director are a vital part of your first year of college. Grace is a Christian College check us out.

Assistant Resident Director of Beta Hall and Indiana Hall

Have you ever pulled any crazy pranks?

On my last day of middle school I snuck into one of my teachers’ offices and seran wrapped every item on and around his desk.

What motivates you to work hard?

When the work is done to move towards the wholeness of others!

What is one way you like to interact with students in residence life?

Casual drop by conversations outside and around campus and around the Residence Halls. Spontaneous conversation is just beautiful. Also, some good conversation over good coffee is maybe my most favorite thing.

What’s your favorite thing about Grace College?

I’m okay that this may be viewed as a cliche answer — the people. It’s a common answer to this question and I think that just qualifies it all the more! I am so for the heartbeat of our leadership and I think that their authenticity, their devotion to love and serve their students, and their commitment to the Spirit bleeds into all of life on this campus. That is my favorite thing.

Daniel Marquez

Your residence life staff & resident director are a vital part of your first year of college. Grace is a Christian College check us out.

Resident Director of Omega and The Lodge

What’s your favorite season and why?

Fall because of two main reasons: 1.) Growing up in Miami, I never really got to experience the leaves changing colors. 2.) Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!!!!!!!

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would have to say pasta. There are so many ways to make it.

Are you fluent in any languages other than English?


How can students learn more about residence life?

I actually have an Instagram page called “Lodge/Omega” where we post information about events and share fun stories. Look us up and give us a follow.

Maia Bowen

Your residence life staff & resident director are a vital part of your first year of college. Grace is a Christian College check us out.

Assistant Resident Director of Omega and The Lodge

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would love to go to South Korea or back to London!

What do you want your dorm to be for your residents this year?

A place of diversity in ideas and culture — a place where we celebrate our differences.

What is your favorite part of your role in residence life?

My favorite part is having the opportunity to change Grace Culture and people’s lives.

How can students get to know you more or ask questions about their residence dorm?

Find me on social media during breaks, and during the year, find me in the dorms or on campus.

Hannah Navarro

Resident Director of Alpha Hall

What’s your favorite movie?

I really love Fantastic Mr. Fox because it’s a wonderful adventure story told in a fun and quirky way.

Do you have anything unique planned for your dorm?

Oh man, do I! Alpha Female Week is on the radar for the Spring semester, and I am pumped! There will be new, fun twists to it this year! I am sooo looking forward to this week of Alpha bonding.

What did you want to be when you were little?

I had at least 14 dream jobs, some of which were becoming the President, an architect, or an interior designer. Little Hannah had a wide range of interests. Although, I’d still love to be in interior design.

What’s your favorite event on campus?

I love the Joust. It is so fun to watch students across campus join together in tons of different competitions. I’ve seen many new friendships form as students bond while they make the perfect lip sync battle routine.

Tianna Frischmann

Tianna Frischman Senior Resident Director and Director for Apartments

Resident Director of Apartments (Lancer Lofts, Kent Hall, Encompass Apartments, Boyer Apartments, and Gamma)

What is an interesting fact about you?

My husband and I had our first child last year! That’s been an adventure!

What questions did you have when you were a freshman? (And what are the answers?)

Will I ever find community/friends at my college? YES! It takes time and might not happen right away. Sit in the uncomfortableness of it all and embrace who you are surrounded by!

What is your dream job? Why?

Well I feel like I am living my dream job right now! But I also would love to open a bakery! I love being creative and I love food and that feels like a wonderful way to mesh those two passions together! Plus the idea of decorating cakes and cupcakes and making macarons for a living sounds dreamy.

What is your vision for your dorm?

I would love to see the residents in the apartments to embrace a learning mindset as they prepare for the rest of their lives and to see their time in the apartments as a safe place to practice habits that will hopefully continue once they graduate: community, civic engagement, church engagement, career readiness, etc.

Spencer Mason

Assistant Resident Director of Apartments (Lancer Lofts, Kent Hall, Encompass Apartments, Boyer Apartments, and Gamma)

If you could go back in time, what year would you go to?

I want to see the Great Pyramids being created!

What’s your favorite Bible verse?

Ephesians 2:4! Praise God for being rich in mercy and having great love to revive me from the dead!

Why did you want to be an ARD?

To help people come closer to Christ and learn more about themselves.

What is one thing you want your residents to know about you?

I may be an ARD, but I’m also 23 so we are not that different. Anything you do, count me in, because I love to try new things and go on adventures.

Alicia Meyer

Alicia Meyer Resident Director of Westminster Hall and Kauffman Hall

Resident Director of Westminster Hall and Kauffman Hall

What makes you laugh the most?

Other people. Their comments, stories, and insights bring me great delight. They also help me laugh at myself.

What is your go-to karaoke song?

Don’t Stop Believing by Journey or I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan.

Have you ever had any crazy nicknames?

After knowing me for just three hours, a former co-worker dubbed me Pikachu. I was high energy, pretty short, and my hall’s official color was yellow, so he thought it appropriate.

What book/movie would you change the ending to?

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. It was required reading for a class my mom taught, and I legitimately threw the book at her when I read the final pages. 

Jacob Abrahamson

Jacob Abrahamson Assistant Resident Director for Commuter Life

Assistant Resident Director for Commuter Students

What is something you dream of doing?

Missions to unreached people groups because I love cross-cultural experiences and sharing the Gospel.

Do you have any embarrassing childhood stories?

I once passed out while trying to set up a Christmas tree.

What did you love about being a student?

Late night donut runs and deep, spiritual conversations.

What responsibilities does your job include?

As the commuter director, I will be working with the commuter liaisons while also being a connecting point for commuter students. I am here to answer any questions regarding college life as I help facilitate connection and growth within the commuter population. I will also be partially involved with the Westy/Kauffman cluster.

Residence life relationships go two ways. Now that you know a bit about your RD and ARD, let them get to know you! You can reach out to them by emailing them, finding them on social media, or talking to them on campus. These are your go-to connections for any issues you might encounter in your dorm, with your roommates, or as you adjust to life at Grace. 

Learn more about residence halls and residence life at Grace.

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