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5 of the Best Jobs to Have in College

The 5 best jobs to have in college. Grace College talks about getting jobs in college. Visit our beautiful campus and Christian College.

Are you concerned about juggling work and school as a full-time college student? You’re not alone. 

Some of you may be concerned about balancing schoolwork with a job because you didn’t have a job in high school. That means you have two new experiences hitting you at once! Or maybe you’ve worked all through high school, but you’re concerned about the increased workload of college and meeting course deadlines. 

Wherever you fall, you should know that there are plenty of jobs that are an excellent fit for college students. Some jobs allow you to work on homework when business is slow, and some offer incredibly flexible schedules. (Many jobs in college towns are used to dealing with the erratic schedules of students.) We talked to several students about why they love their college jobs. According to them, here are five of the best jobs to have in college.

The 5 best jobs to have in college. Grace College talks about getting jobs in college. Visit our beautiful campus and Christian College.

1. Student Ambassador

Jenna Myers and Katie Parks love their jobs in college. As Student Ambassadors, they get to lead tours around campus for prospective students, allowing them to interact with many different people and share their passion for their school. 

What are the time commitments of a student ambassador? We each have two to three “on-call” shifts per week for giving campus tours. Then three evenings a week, we have calling shifts. These schedules are made with our classes and other commitments in mind!

What is your favorite thing about the position? We get to meet new students and their families daily. It’s always a new experience; you never know who you will meet. 

How did you both land this job? “I didn’t even know this job existed until another student ambassador told me I would be a great fit,” said Parks. Myers, on the other hand, had her sights set on this job from the start. “Going on campus visits as a high schooler, I knew I wanted to give tours when I was in college,” said Myers. “It’s cool to meet people and know that you were once in their shoes.” 

What makes this one of the best jobs to have in college? Working on campus has many benefits; we are always within walking distance of our dorms, our schedules are flexible, and we are always surrounded by our classmates and friends. It’s always so great to pass a friend while on a tour because we get to introduce the visitors to another friendly face on campus!

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2. Resident Assistant

From the start of college, Mariah Burger knew she wanted to be a resident assistant (RA). That desire was only confirmed when her freshman RA had a profound impact on her. As an Educational Ministries major, Burger is passionate about connecting with people and supporting them in their walk with Christ – and this job allows her to do just that!

What do you most love about being an RA? I love that being an RA allows me to be involved with all the girls on her floor. Fostering a safe environment and building a strong community are my greatest objectives.

What skills have you developed on the job? I’ve been able to develop my people and problem-solving skills simultaneously. 

What are your hours like as an RA? I had flexible hours which required me to be available for the girls on her floor but also allowed me to study simultaneously. One of my favorite time commitments as an RA was eating dinner with my entire floor weekly.

What makes this one of the best jobs to have in college? Being an RA is more than just having a job to earn money. It is a ministry to touch the lives of those you are living with. If you have a heart for people and want to work while in school, this is an amazing opportunity to do both! However, if you do not get the job, but still want to lead on campus, there are plenty of other avenues. Look into becoming a growth group leader or simply be an upperclassman that shows up to events on your hall and gets to know the freshmen. Intentionality goes a long way.

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The 5 best jobs to have in college. Grace College talks about getting jobs in college. Visit our beautiful campus and Christian College.

3. Local Shopkeeper at BeLove

Emily Nunebaker works at BeLove, a local shop in the Village at Winona Lake. The Village is a neighborhood of many small businesses and restaurants just a short walk from Grace College’s campus. BeLove, a handmade gift shop chock-full of pottery, jewelry, and all kinds of gifts and trinkets, is where you’ll often find Nunebaker when she is not in class.

What do you love most about your job? I love how close my job is to campus. On nice days, I enjoy the scenic walk down the hill to BeLove. The shop’s atmosphere makes it a delightful place to work and shop. 

What is your schedule like at BeLove? My job is incredibly flexible and accommodating to my class schedule. My manager, Athena, is probably one of the best managers I have ever had. She is super flexible and does a great job of reaching out to us before our schedules change. She checks in on us, making sure we’re getting the hours we want. 

What makes this one of the best jobs to have in college? Athena’s communication and support are important as a college student with an ever-changing schedule and due dates. I can also work on homework while the shop is slow, which is ideal!

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The 5 best jobs to have in college. Grace College talks about getting jobs in college. Visit our beautiful campus and Christian College.

4. Campus Library Worker

Emma Slusser works at the Morgan Library at Grace which allows her to work alongside great people, start on her homework when the library is slow, and walk to work on pleasant days. 

What is the scheduling like? The scheduling is flexible, which allows me to work on homework when I’m not helping the librarians. 

How did you get the job in the library? I was referred by a girl on my floor, and I quickly jumped on the opportunity. The job was very easy to apply for, and it is a perfect first job in college!

What is your advice to freshmen searching for a job? Find a job that you love. When you love your job and the people around you, working is something you don’t dread. It’s something you look forward to!

What makes this one of the best jobs to have in college? It is close to home and allows you to work on homework when you aren’t busy. I love getting to work with the librarians and the other library aids. 

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5. Internship with a Local Company

Maegan McGlothin, an Accounting & Business Administration double major, has interned at several companies in college, but her favorite so far has been her internship with State Farm. 

What are some of the skills you’ve learned on the job? I’ve developed many professional and soft skills alike. The internship has helped me grow in my customer service and relational skills. Not to mention, I’ve been exposed to what it’s like to work in the business world. I’ve been taught new software which has expanded my computer know-how. 

What was the internship schedule like? The internship was very flexible, allowing me to take my work laptop to work from home. 

What makes this one of the best jobs to have in college? Overall, the internship was a great experience. If you are afforded the opportunity to do an internship in college, take it. It’s great to be exposed to the business world, and it can help you decide on a major if you are undecided. Not to mention, you can often get college credit for internships while still getting paid! It’s a no-brainer!

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College jobs are a great way to learn time management and develop the soft skills employers will look for in their applicants after college. Don’t be afraid to go out and look for jobs in college. With the help of your school’s career connections office, you just might land one of the best jobs to have in college.

Of one thing we are certain – you will not lack job options if you come to Grace!

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