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2023 Senior Spotlights at Grace College

Grace College Graduate by Grace Sign.

A few weeks ago, the Manahan Orthopedic Capital Center was filled with faculty, staff, families, friends, and, of course, our 2023 graduating class! We spent the day celebrating the unique accomplishments of our 385 graduates. All of these students, now alumni, contributed to Grace College and Seminary in unique ways – in the classroom, on the athletic field, in original research or online discussion boards, in the residence halls and dining halls. Each person has added a voice to the conversations, insight into class discourse, and personality to our campus culture. We wanted to take a moment to spotlight just a few of the individuals who have contributed to making the past four years so special.  

Eddie Gill

Major: Environmental Science with a Master of Nonprofit Management 

Fun Fact: Eddie helped start Grace’s environmental club and served as the group’s president for the past several years. 

“I hope to create a better and more sustainable planet for future generations. I have accepted a job with a nonprofit organization in Indianapolis called Friends of the White River where I will start as the director of outdoor education.” 

Colby Murray

Major: Youth Ministry and Counseling 

Fun Fact: Colby loves to support others. He served as a growth group leader this year, and he finds great joy in showing up for his friends and cheering them on in their passions.  

“I’ve gained so much life experience from my years at Grace. I’m so grateful, and I can’t wait to see how God uses the connections I’ve made for what comes next, which I’m hoping is full-time vocational ministry.”

Luke Smith

Major: Psychology and Exercise Science with a Master of Business Administration

Fun Fact: Luke and his wife, Caitlin, moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after he competed in track nationals in May. 

“I will always remember the memories I made on campus with my soccer and track teammates and friends. I will never forget the day I asked my future wife to be my girlfriend. Little did I know at the time, that was the best decision of my life.”

Chloe Reel

Major: Visual Communication Design

Fun Fact: Chloe thoroughly enjoyed forming relationships with her seven housemates in the Lancer Lofts, with whom she studied the Bible every Monday night. 

“As someone who appreciates art and design, I’m always finding beauty in the little things. I believe God reveals himself to us in His creation, and I believe that art can be divinely inspired. When someone sees my work, I want it to be a reflection, not of me, but of Christ.”

Carolyn Pacocha 

Major: Accounting and Finance with a Master of Business Administration

Fun Fact: Carolyn was very involved on campus. She played golf, led the accounting club and served as a representative on the Student-Athlete Council.

“Business classes at Grace gave me the necessary foundation to start my career and inspired me to pursue Christian excellence while encouraging others in the accounting industry. I have plans to work as an auditing associate at FORVIS, LLP in the fall and hopefully pursue my CPA license in the future.”

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