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Why Attend a Christian College?

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We wanted to title this article Why Attending a Christian College is the Best Decision You Will Ever Make, but it seemed a tad long. We also considered Why Attending a Christian College Is the Best Way to Grow as a Christian. Again, a bit long, plus we did not want to make a bunch of pastors angry with us.

For a brief moment we pondered 5 Reasons it is God’s Will for You to Attend a Christian College. That seemed a little too much like clickbait. Plus, we can’t tell you what God’s will is for your life. What we can tell you is that attending a Christian college is a fantastic way to learn how to listen to God’s voice.

Best Decision for Your Career

Imagine a place where all the professors are experts in their respective fields. Imagine a place where those who teach are those who have practiced. Many of them still have one foot in the field they are teaching! While this could describe many colleges, Christian colleges have dedicated professors who also care about glorifying God with their work.

Being trained by men and women who know what it is to love God and love their neighbor is a benefit not offered by many. What is God’s call on your career? How can you glorify God with your work? How will you serve your fellow man? As you consider these questions, think about who will best be able to guide you in finding answers.

When I wake up, I do my best to make it a priority to spend time with God, not in a routine manner or because it’s my duty as a Christian, but because God is my reason for living. It’s almost like brushing your teeth. Do you brush your teeth because it’s a part of your routine, or do you do it so that your teeth won’t rot away? ~Ashley Tripp 1

Best Decision for Your Faith

It’s not true that everyone loses their faith in their first semester in college, but for most of us, it is true that your relationship with     God drastically changes. It is similar to your relationships with your parents, siblings, friends from home, etc. ~Katie Stone 2

students worshiping in chapelWhether it is finding your faith in college, or keeping it, the truth is that college will change you. The idea of change should not scare you. After all, for the first time in your life, you will be living under a roof that does not include those who raised you. Yes, it is likely your parents made some great decisions in bringing you up. And they will no doubt still be a presence in your life. But you will be living on your own. You will be surrounded by other students experiencing the same freedoms for the first time. New ideas will be formed. Backgrounds very different from yours will be shared.

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It is not just a career for which you are preparing. This is your life, the foundations of which are integral. When writing the first-century church, Peter told them to be “on guard” against falling away. He encouraged them to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” 3 The best place to do this will be a place where faith and career are integrated and where attention is given to the whole of a person. When those who are guiding you in your growth are also interested in growing themselves, you have found a place where your faith can be nurtured.

Best Decision for Your Life

students praying togetherThe secret to experiencing spiritual growth in college is ensuring this is not an add-on or an afterthought.

“One of the major reasons [so many freshmen drop their faith shortly after entering the campus gate] is the Christian community had no way of intentionally connecting students to Christian communities before they begin college – leaving hundreds of thousands of students’ faith up in the air during the most important transition of their lives,” ~ Michael F. Haverluck 4

Not so with Grace College, where spiritual formation is a foundational part of everything we do. We have a First-Year Experience to purposely assist students in growing in their faith. From core curriculum to faculty and student mentors, to growth groups, we are intentional. Our professors begin their class time with prayer. Chapel services are offered three times each week. This process is key to college students owning their faith, rather than obeying a list of rules as a matter of habit.

At Grace College, we want to prepare you for success when you graduate. That preparation includes being spiritually ready to be the men and women of God this world so badly needs.

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