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Understanding the Grace College Admissions Process Step by Step

Grace College laid out the college admissions process step by step to help you understand how you come to campus as a college student.

The college admissions process is much simpler than you think. From the first inquiry you make about a college to enrolling for the school year, college admissions teams are committed to helping you make the best choice and assisting you with whatever you need along the way. We’ve laid out the college admissions process step by step to help you fully understand all that must happen before you come to campus as a college student.

1.) Information Gathering

The first step in the admissions process is the information gathering stage. During the information gathering stage, you’ll receive phone calls, marketing pieces in the mail, and emails or messages that help begin your college selection process. These pieces will have facts about school programs, majors, campus life, and various other topics to help you narrow down your choice to the best possible fit.

During this period, it’s important that you provide colleges you’ve researched information like your name, address, email, and phone number. This ensures that an ambassador or admissions counselor from your colleges of interest follow up with you to provide you more information about that school.

2.) Filing an Application

The second step of the admissions process is to file an application. After deciding that a college might be right for you, you’ll need to submit an application in order to be admitted. With your application, you’ll need to provide general information about yourself, your high school transcripts, and ACT or SAT scores (unless the school is test-optional).

Depending on the institution, many colleges also require application fees or written essays that aid in your admissions decision. After your application is submitted, it’ll be reviewed by an admissions counselor, or team, and a decision of admission will then be made.

Grace College laid out the college admissions process step by step to help you understand how you come to campus as a college student.

3.) Admissions Decision

Following your application, next in the college admissions process is the admissions decision. In this stage, you’ll find out if your admission was accepted, waitlisted, or rejected. This decision can come in a few days, a couple weeks, or longer ― depending on the institution. At Grace, we guarantee that you’ll hear back from us within two weeks!

Be understanding of the decision that’s made. Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. You may find it difficult getting to your first college of choice, so make sure to apply to several that you’re interested in.

4.) Depositing

After you’ve been accepted, most colleges will require you to make a deposit. A deposit ensures your spot in the incoming class and at many schools, allows you to move forward with securing your top dorm selections. Deposits for fall enrollment are refundable up until May 1st of the coming academic year.

During this time, you’ll need to decide which colleges, among the schools that you’ve been accepted to, are a good fit for you. For help narrowing down your decision, additional college visits and conversations with admissions counselors will be beneficial. If you don’t live close enough to visit some schools, look into virtual visit options. And while you’re at it, make sure you check our Grace College virtual tour!

5.) Matriculation

Becoming a matriculated student is the fifth and final stage in the admissions process. You’re considered a matriculated student once you finally step foot on campus and move in all of your belongings for the school year. The title “matriculated” means that you successfully have applied, been accepted, deposited, committed, and have now officially enrolled in your college of choice ― congratulations! 

College is a time of responsibility, growth, and memories that last a lifetime. At this point, it’s time to get involved, make new friends, and leave your irreplaceable mark on campus.

As you read through this admissions process step by step, you might have found yourself wandering down tangents in your mind about the costs of college and wondered if you can afford it. We’re here to say, don’t worry! At Grace, we are passionate about making a way for you to join our family. Check out our scholarships and financial aid so that you can breathe easy and confidently take the next step of the admissions process!

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