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Finding His Way Back: Pycraft Returns to Grace to Work with Finance Majors

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Professor Thomas Pycraft is excited to be joining the faculty of the School of Business as an assistant professor of finance. Pycraft received his bachelor’s degree in accounting at Grace in 2002. After 14 years as a litigation lawyer, he has found his way back to his alma mater and is ready to invest in the lives of our finance majors.


1. This isn’t your first time at Grace. Tell us about your undergrad experience. 

I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and I decided to come to Grace for undergrad because of the financial aid and the Christ-centered community. As a student, I lived in Beta Hall and was also part of the first group of students to live in Indiana Hall the year it was constructed. I graduated in 2002 with my bachelor’s degree in accounting.


2. What was your education after Grace?

Well, after I graduated from Grace I decided being an accountant wasn’t for me. I went to law school at Cleveland State and took the bar exam in Florida. I lived there for fourteen years working as a litigation attorney at a law firm covering civil law, real estate, financing sales, and purchasing cases. Two years ago, I started working on my doctorate in business administration at Jacksonville University. I’ll be finishing my dissertation this year. 


3. What inspired your career change?

I was ready for a lifestyle change from the litigation world. I started my Ph.D. with the intent of doing consulting work. Along the way, I realized my interest in teaching at the college level and started looking for positions. The first call I made was to Dr. Stichter, my accounting professor from my undergraduate days. While there was not a position for me open at the time, this role became available several months later. When it did, I knew I wanted to come back to Grace. 


4. What excites you about coming back to Grace?

The classes I’ll be teaching. I’m teaching entrepreneurial finance, corporate finance, and investments this fall. Corporate Finance will be my largest class with 65 students from  a spectrum of business majors, including finance majors. It’s a bit surreal for me, because the class is held in McClain Auditorium, where I attended chapel as a student back in the day. I’m also looking forward to teaching business law next year, since it relates closely to my background in finance from the legal side. 


5. When you’re not working, what do you like to do?

Fishing, woodworking, coffee roasting, and spending time with my wife, Jessica, and our two daughters. 


6. What do you appreciate most about the School of Business at Grace?

The School of Business has a great reputation. Everyone who works in the school is phenomenal and very knowledgeable in their field. I look forward to collaborating with the other faculty to provide the most valuable education for our students. 

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