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Is the Cost of College Worth It?

Time to finalize cost of college, but you are wondering, is college worth the cost? Learn more, is college worth the money at Grace?

When making large investments, such as with a house or a car, we often ask ourselves if the product is worth our hard-earned money. Some things cost more than we believe they’re worth, while we feel others are worth every penny. There is another large expense that may have you wondering if it is worth it. It’s the cost of college. You might even be asking, is college worth the cost?

Perhaps you have been to several college visits and gotten a taste of what college life will be like. But seeing a campus brings a different set of feelings than when you open a bill. So how can you be sure the cost of college is worth it? Here are several reasons why you won’t have to ask if Grace is worth the cost!


Thoughtful Scholarship

Simply put, Grace College professors are not just professors. These are field experts with years of experience putting what they teach into real-world practice. Life does not happen in the isolation of a college classroom and our professors don’t work in a vacuum. With a wealth of practical knowledge, our professors will guide you in a way that helps you combine your passions with career opportunities.

For business students, this means participation in the Business Scholarship Competition, an opportunity to see your own business ideas come to fruition. In the School of Education, you’ll have the chance to put what you’re learning in the college classroom into practice in our community’s local schools. (One of those schools is right next to our campus!) Are you majoring in environmental science? You’ll be learning in the field on a regular basis, researching the numerous lakes, streams, and wetlands in close proximity to our campus.

This list could go on and on. Every major we offer comes with real-world opportunities to practice your craft. Though academics are a big part of why colleges exist, this is not the only factor when considering the cost of college. 

Time to finalize cost of college, but you are wondering, is college worth the cost? Learn more, is college worth the money at Grace?

Christ-centered Campus

Part of our mission statement emphasizes that we are a “Christ-centered community of higher education applying biblical values.” For Grace, this is not just chapel services added to student’s schedules. Many of our professors begin each class with a devotional, reminding students of the purpose behind the planning. One of our business professors has even compiled his unique devotionals into a book.

From the moment you first arrive on campus for Welcome Weekend, all our first-year students enter a comprehensive program called the First-Year Experience (FYE). Coming alongside you as you adjust to college life, the FYE will help you discover the ways of Grace and consider how your faith connects with your calling.

Growth Groups are formed to offer encouragement and accountability on a weekly basis, while chapel services dive deep into a yearly campus theme, spurring you on towards a faith that is rooted in the Word of God. All of these connection points are designed to go hand in hand with our curriculum, meaning the higher education you receive will be Christian higher education. That’s not a common characteristic among colleges and universities, and it’s not something we say casually. For any Christian serious about his or her faith, this reason alone could justify the cost of college. 

An Accelerated Masters in Nonprofit from Grace College can get you where you want to go with an accelerated masters degree and bachelors in 4.

Earn More Money

Ok, it might sound strange to follow up our emphasis on being Christ-centered by telling you that the cost of college is worth it because you’ll make more cash. But this is where our ideology of purpose meets the practical nature of a career in your chosen field.

First of all, you’re going to save money when choosing to attend Grace! Last year, 100% of our undergraduate students received financial aid through a combination of scholarships, grants, and financial aid. Combine that benefit with our accelerated degrees, where students can earn their bachelor’s degree in just three years, and you’ll be saving 25% off the cost of college.

Do you have the time for a fourth year? Earn your master’s degree while you earn your bachelor’s degree, save time and money, and find yourself ahead of the curve in a competitive global market. In 2017, full-time workers with only a high school diploma earned $718/month while those with a bachelor’s degree earned $1,189. Those with a master’s degree earned even more, averaging $1,451/month!

Are we saying that attending college is all about finding a career to earn more money? Quite the opposite! Rooted within our faith is the idea that God is able to provide for all our needs. Because our graduates majoring in careers that average higher incomes have been a part of the same Christ-centered education, we trust that they will invest in local and global ministries to meet needs as they arise.

Time to finalize cost of college, but you are wondering, is college worth the cost? Learn more, is college worth the money at Grace?

Expand Your Horizon

We have talked so far about learning from others, growing in your faith, and making more money. We imagine some of you might be saying that all of this can be accomplished by reading books, watching tutorials, being active in your church, and finding a career out of high school with advancement opportunities. It’s not that we don’t believe it’s possible, but those who stay in their hometown to undertake these goals may find themselves frustrated.

Attending college will expand your horizon. As you meet people with experiences different than your own, and as you live and learn alongside students from around the world, you will be exposed to new ideas. You will be challenged by concepts you have not previously considered. Pathways to opportunities you never imagined will open up before you.

These opportunities range from internship and career possibilities to globe-trotting expeditions. Go Encounter trips are led by cross-culturally experienced faculty and staff and offered throughout each school year. These 10-day trips will expose you to other cultures. If ten days is not enough for you, consider the plethora of study abroad options available to you!

Time to finalize cost of college, but you are wondering, is college worth the cost? Learn more, is college worth the money at Grace?

There’s No Place Grace Can’t Go

It’s not just a tagline that we say when telling people about Grace for the first time. It’s the truth. A diploma from Grace College will serve as your ticket to wherever God guides you. That’s because a college education is about way more than the academic book knowledge you will receive.

Yes, academic expertise is needed, and we’ll make sure you are more than prepared. (See the first point above.) But the college experience is a microcosm of everything you’ll experience in life. Discovering new ideas, finding your purpose, and learning how to interact with others are all skills you will need in your toolbox in order to be successful.

Is college worth the cost? We believe you’ll discover that a Grace College experience is worth the time, money, and energy you’ve invested. You will graduate as a fully-devoted follower of Jesus; skilled, confident, and ready to make an impact on the world in your own unique way.

Are you interested to learn more about the cost of college at Grace? Our financial aid and scholarship opportunities abound, ensuring maximum affordability. Learn more about the majors we offer and get started today!

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