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How to Register for College Classes 101

Learn how to register for college classes and about college credit transfer at Grace College. Get started with your next steps to Grace.

Registering for your first round of college courses can feel like a big step. College — the thing you’ve been talking about since you started high school — is actually becoming a reality. Course codes. Professor names. The whole nine yards. But who do you ask about how to register for college classes? How do you ensure that your earned college credit transfers? No need to stress. We’ll answer these questions and many more. 

How do you know how to register for college classes?

At Grace, we don’t overcomplicate things. Here’s how to register for college classes: once you have placed your enrollment deposit, you simply fill out the registration questionnaire. This simple form gives the Registrar’s Office the information they need to know about you to register you for your first semester classes. 

On the form, you’ll specify your intended major of study, your extracurricular activities and/or sports, and your interest in pursuing either the 3-year or 4-year program. After you submit the form, you will receive your course schedule via email in about three to four weeks.  

*If you have not yet deposited to Grace, you cannot register for courses. If you are ready to deposit and take your next steps, you can do so here

Will my dual credit, AP exam, or CLEP exam college credit transfer to Grace?

Yes! Simply report those credits or scores on the registration questionnaire. Then submit official documentation of your official college transcripts, AP scores, or CLEP scores to the admissions office by emailing

*If you have the opportunity to bring in college credits your freshman year, we highly recommend that you do that! Read the answer to the final question to find out why!

How will I schedule my classes in the future?

Once you arrive at Grace, you will meet at least biannually with your advisor to schedule your courses for the next semester. Even though you’ll get the hang of how to register for college classes on your own, your advisor will provide valuable insight about which classes should be taken as an underclassman and which courses are intended for upperclassmen (those typically require more knowledge and experience in your field). For some majors (like education), your advisor will have a specific road map to graduation laid out for you. Other programs provide more flexibility and allow you to pick and choose when to take your electives throughout your time at Grace. 

*There is also a Course Rotation Planning Guide on the portal that is a huge help to students.

What if I want to change my major before the semester starts?

No biggie! If you change your mind about your major (which happens more often than not!), all you have to do is email, and let them know which major you would like to switch to. 

If you are undecided, there are four freshmen classes that you will be enrolled in regardless of your major: Exploring the Bible, First Year Foundations, Essentials in Behavioral Science, and Global Perspectives. There are also a number of other required Grace Core classes that you can take until you decide. 

What if I have questions about my schedule? 

Once again, our registrar’s office is your point of contact. You can email with any questions that may arise after you receive your initial schedule. If something doesn’t seem quite right, let them know and they will get everything ironed out for you! Additionally, the first week of college, Grace will schedule you a one-on-one meeting with your academic advisor. At that meeting, you can review your schedule and make sure everything is in line. 

Why should I earn college credit before college?

We will let Kyrsten Newlon, a second-year student at Grace, answer this one. Her story of coming to Grace and earning two majors and two minors all within three years speaks for itself!

“I started taking classes at my community college as a sophomore in high school. I began with one class a semester, then added more and more my junior and senior years. That’s the great thing about getting college credits in high school — you get to choose how much you want to get done ahead of time. When I started at Grace, I had 41 credits from my community college and every single one of them transferred. That’s what made it possible for me to get two majors and two minors in just three years at Grace.

I remember visiting Grace while I was in high school and talking to one of the professors about how I didn’t know which major to choose. She helped me realize that I didn’t have to choose between Journalism and Communication. I could major in both! With my double major and minors in both English and Intercultural Communication, I never have to wonder, “What if I had chosen the other degree?” Because I earned so many credits in high school, I have a clear path ahead of me!”

Do you have additional questions about how to register for college classes? Contact your admissions counselor, and they will help you through the process!

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