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How to Choose a College Campus That’s Right for You

When choosing a college, Grace College campus has a balance of open spaces, new facilities, & a great community. See how to choose a college.

Many college campuses make you choose. Would you like beautiful historic buildings or innovative learning spaces? Disparate buildings scattered throughout a city or a campus surrounded by nothing but cornfields?

Not Grace College! Our campus strikes a perfect balance of open green spaces, new facilities, and a central location in our community. But if you haven’t decided yet, here are five things to take into consideration while choosing a college.

Grace College Student at the Lake - Choosing a College

Outdoor Spaces

The outdoor spaces of a college campus are important. College students spend a significant amount of time walking outside — from your dorm to class, back to your dorm, to the dining commons, and back to class. A beautiful outdoor college landscape can be a game-changer. So if you’re wondering how to choose a college, we would start with this piece of advice: don’t forget to soak in the environment. Notice the landscaping, the trees, the open green spaces. At many schools, these spaces are the back-drop for involvement opportunities like intramurals or even campus traditions. 

With 180 acres of land, Grace’s campus is prime for playing spike ball or can jam. Our students also enjoy our 9-hole disc golf course and secluded trees for hammocking. With opportunities like watching college sports games, playing intramural sports, and a multitude of fun activities hosted outdoors, Grace College’s outdoor spaces do not disappoint. 

Grace College Worship Arts Music Studio - Choosing a college

The Updates

It’s important that a college adopts a mindset of improvement, while still appreciating and using the parts of campus that students have always known and loved. Maybe it’s building a new dorm or updating a pre-existing space. Whatever updates a college is striving to make, it matters that they’re putting in the time and effort to optimize your college campus experience. 

Here at Grace College, we are always building and improving! We recently built the $8 million Dr. Dane A. Miller Science Complex, complete with thirty-five thousand square feet of labs, the world’s first freshwater virtual aquarium, and a green roof! We also added a cutting-edge recording studio for our Worship Arts students in the last few years.

Students in Dorms-How to Choose a College Campus That’s Right for You

The Dorm Rooms

As you discover how to choose a college, realize that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your dorm room, especially during the winter months. So, it’s vital that during your college search you look for campuses that have excellent dorm rooms and high-quality lobbies for you to spend time with your hallmates and friends.

At Grace, our students get to choose from ten state-of-the-art residence halls on campus complete with cozy fireplaces, mini-movie theatres, games rooms, and more. Three of our dorms were even built within the last eight years. Learn more about our dorm rooms!

Learn about the Gordon Rec Center hours, do a work out or hang with friends. See the Grace College Student Health and Wellness Center gym.

Indoor Spaces

When choosing a college campus, pay close attention to the different indoor spaces that they offer. (Hint: this is only possible if you set up a campus tour!) As you are guided into dorms, academic buildings, and common areas, ask yourself these questions. Do they have the type of study rooms where I can best focus? Or do they have a cafeteria that will keep me coming back for more with my friends? Are the classrooms decked out with innovative technology that will keep me engaged?

The time you spend inside your college’s buildings is just as important as the time you spend in outdoor spaces. At Grace, you can enjoy a host of quiet places to study at the library, inviting atmospheres to socialize (like the campus coffee shop), and free recreational opportunities like access to a fitness center, a track, and even a ping pong table in the Gordon Health and Wellness Center

Grace College Students in Dorms-Choosing a College

The Size

Just one more thing to keep in mind while learning how to choose a college campus: the size. If you’re the type of person to get lost the moment you step out into a new place, consider looking for a smaller, more navigable campus as you learn where everything is. If you’re up for more of an adventure (and if you are a wizard with maps!), think about choosing a college with a larger, more intricate campus where there is always more to explore.

On Grace College’s campus, encountering a lost student is rare — and even if you do happen to get lost, people on campus are quick to help you find your way! Overall, navigating our grounds is simple, and every destination is within walking distance. However, our forested trails winding through acres of towering trees, the stunning Winona Lake for boating and swimming, and the variety of shops and stores within the tight-knit community of the bordering town, all make Grace College a place of adventure!


To learn more about how to choose a college campus, schedule a visit to Grace! And until then, take a look at our virtual tour from home!

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