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Discover Grace College Campus Visits

Grace college Visit Mount Memorial building

Deciding where to go to college is a big decision, and that’s why you shouldn’t choose without experiencing campus for yourself. College campus visits are like trying on a shirt before you buy it — you need to know if it’s a good fit. That’s why we encourage you to come on a campus tour. Watch our sunsets. Meet our professors, coaches, and students. Walk our paths. Spend a day in our shoes, and you will shortly find why we love it here. 

These are the ways you can visit campus. Which will you choose?

Grace College Visit Campus

1. Campus Visits

Come and See the Everyday Happenings at Grace.

Every Monday through Friday at 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., our doors open to anyone who would like to see the day-to-day life on the Grace College campus. This campus visit will include a campus tour, an Admissions and Financial Aid presentation, and lunch with a Grace College student. You can also request to visit a class or meet with a professor or coach! 

How do you set up a campus tour? Register here

Looking for the right College and college visit questions? Grace is sharing the questions to ask on a college visit to find the right fit.

2. Lancer Days

Experience Grace College with Other Future Lancers.

We love our Lancer Days! They are full of energy, plus they provide an exclusive look at Grace College. The schedule includes a student/professor panel, where you’ll get to hear inside stories and ask questions and a faculty fair where you can browse your major options and speak with a wide range of faculty. This day also includes the essentials: a campus tour, and lunch at Alpha Dining Commons.

How do you set up a college tour for a Lancer Day? Register here.

Campus Tour at Grace College

3. Sunset Tours

Prepare to be Amazed.

Join us at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday for an Admissions/Financial Aid presentation, followed by a campus tour and dinner at Alpha Dining Commons. The grand finale of this campus visit requires perfect timing, but if you can catch a stunning Winona Lake sunset, it will not disappoint!

How do you set up a college visit for a Sunset Tour? Register here

Sunset Tours Grace College Winona Lake

4. Weekends in Winona

Experience the Picturesque Community We Call Home!

These Saturday visits extend beyond the Grace College campus and into our beloved Winona Lake community. Start with an Admissions/Financial Aid meeting, campus tour, and brunch at Alpha Dining Commons. And then, enjoy a tour of the Village at Winona Lake. This visit is perfect for those who want to know the best places to eat during Welcome Weekend and those who wish to browse the artisan shops.

You can read up on the Village at Winona before scheduling your campus visit. 

How do you set up a college visit for a Weekend in Winona? Register here.

Student at the Village Campus Visits

5. Visita En Español


Viernes 29 de Enero ¡Día de visita latino! Visítanos con tu familia para conocer nuestro campus y aprender de las oportunidades y recursos disponibles para ti. Este es un día de visita en donde toda la información de nuestros servicios disponibles para estudiantes será en español.

Por favor usa el enlace de abajo para registrarte.

Registrarte aquí

Tour Campus at Grace College

 6. Virtual Visits

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.

If you are unable to make the trip to visit campus in person, you don’t have to miss out! You can have a one-on-one virtual meeting with your admissions counselor, watch our virtual Lancer Day video, take our virtual campus video tour, and explore our Interactive Campus Map.

Did you find a campus visit option that stood out to you? 

While every Grace College student’s journey is different, a campus visit is often where their path begins. We ask that you register for your visit at least one week in advance, so take a look at your calendar and schedule your tour!

Here are a few additional resources that might help you:

If you have any questions about your Grace College campus visit, please email or call (866) 974-7223!

Campus Visit - Grace College Lancer First Look
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