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Grace College’s Learning Center and Writing Labs

The Morgan Library and Learning Center is a great tool for Grace College students, including helping them with writing papers. Filled with tools and expert help, we ensure success for our students.

Where do Grace College students go to receive help with writing papers? What if they need to seek help for accommodations in classes due to disabilities? Where do they find helpful resources? Where do they take CLEP tests or make-up tests for missed classes? From where can they get academic counseling? Where can they receive tutoring support in specific courses? These are good questions! And they all have the same answer: The Morgan Library/Learning Center.

The Learning Center houses the Writing Lab where students can benefit from free tutoring get answers to documentation questions. Writing Lab tutors are selected for their strength as writers, but also for their ability to work with people. The goal of the Writing Lab is to equip students with the communication tools necessary to develop stronger academic writing. The tutors aim to guide and empower students to become better independent writers. The following is a testimonial from Emma Mitchell, currently a junior at Grace College, explaining what she gained from bringing her papers to the Writing Lab her first year:

Going into my freshmen year of college was not easy. In fact, it was very emotionally challenging. One of my earliest memories was being late to my first day of Freshmen Foundations because I was lost and did not know where to go. I also remember Professor Schram telling us that we had to write a paper within the next couple of weeks. I immediately freaked out at the thought of writing my first college paper. In the past, I have heard horror stories about college papers going wrong. As a result, I went to the Writing Lab for guidance and emotional stability. That was the day when I met my wonderful friend, Lauren Williams.

I can remember walking into the writing lab and meeting her for the very first time. She was very kind and a good listener. I read her my essay while she listened thoroughly and thoughtfully. After she was done, she praised me for certain parts of my essay. Afterward, she continued by explaining to me what I should change in the paper, including grammar, content, and subject-verb agreement errors. Lauren was very specific and detailed when she explained what I should change and what I should keep in my paper.

I walked away with a feeling of confidence and self-assurance that I would do well in my academics.

Later that week, I realized how helpful she was and how much I learned by listening to her advice. I continued to attend more Writing Lab sessions with her in order to further my understanding of writing papers. Every time I attended a Writing Lab session with her, I learned something new about simple English writing skills. Because of Lauren’s help, I have received outstanding grades on my papers and have gotten wonderful feedback from professors.

In addition to visiting the Writing Lab, students can get help in the Learning Center from the Coordinator of Disability Services Christine French. Christine meets with students, examines their documentation, and then assists them in obtaining accommodations that enable them to receive equal access to their college courses. Christine also oversees standardized testing for Grace Schools, such as CLEP tests, and make-up testing. Calla Andrews, the supervisor of the Writing Lab, content tutors, and Academic Success Program, also aids students by providing academic counseling, connecting freshmen to peer mentors who provide academic accountability, and arranging appointments with tutors in different classes when additional support is needed.

We want our students to be equipped for success during their college and post-college careers. That is why we place a high value on providing the programs available at the Learning Center and Writing Lab.

By: Calla Andrews, Academic Support Services Coordinator

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