The Last New Year

As my coworker Courtney read my title, she let out an audible sound of sadness.  “You should stay until I graduate too,” she said.  Honestly, I feel so conflicted about that idea.  My first notion is, “YES! I would LOVE to stick around Grace College for a few more years! I mean, I only transferred here last year, so I feel like I got ripped off anyways.”  On the other hand, life is exciting at this point. I have one more undergraduate year.  I’m about to either enter the job market or grad school. Woah.  I’m at this awkward developmental stage where I feel as if I could take on the world and do things on my own, but I also, honestly, feel like I could easily be exploited by this big scary thing called “real life.”   I’m not going to think about that anymore right now though.  We’ll get there later…

Being a senior in Beta is weird.  I think most seniors get the idea that they are too busy, too old or too cool to spend time with the Freshmen.  Therefore, I am the only one (I think).  I love it though.  The freshmen on my hall, Beta 3 north, are really cool guys.  And, foreign though it may seem, I think they actually look up to me and see me as a social and spiritual leader.  It’s a responsibility that is both encouraging and humbling.  My prayer for the year is that God uses me to work in the lives of these young men.  One of my favorite things to do is sit and talk to someone one on one.  I want to be used by God as a tool in people’s lives.  I really hope I get a chance to show His love this year, not only on my hall, but as an ambassador here at Grace.  I want people to want to come to Grace because they see Christ living in faculty, staff and students here.

On a lighter note, my hall is also pretty awesome at sports this year.  We took 2nd place in the brother/sister hall kickball event and won 5-o in the first intramural soccer game.  Look out, Grace College.  Beta 3 north is here. Yeah... We're that good.

– Ian Christensen

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