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Why Choose a Christian College?

There are many factors that go into choosing a college: location, financial aid, availability of majors, athletics, and the list goes on. But deciding if you want to go to a Christian Bible college is a choice that shouldn’t stress you out. Both secular and Christian colleges can help you grow in different ways. So if both are good options, which should you choose?

Ultimately, the decision is up to you – but we see great value in the Christian foundation and Biblical worldview found at Christian colleges like Grace. Don’t just take our word for it. Who better to talk about a Christ-centered education than our students, alumni, faculty, and staff? We asked them why they chose to live, learn, and/or work at a Christian Bible college, and here are the four most common reasons they gave.


To Walk Alongside Others in Their Faith Journey

We know that ministry takes place inside and outside of the classroom. Our faculty and staff are committed to encourage you in your faith and walk alongside you.

Assistant Resident Director (ARD) and 2022 Grace graduate Rachel Stiles said, “College is a time where people make their faith their own, so I am passionate about walking with them in that.”

Jack Goeglein, also an ARD and 2022 Grace graduate, said, “God is everywhere, not just at a Christian college. But as a student, I wanted to go into ministry, and a Christian college is literally meant to prepare you and pour into you to give you that strong foundation for ministry.”

“I love that I can be authentic with my students and colleagues. I really feel we get to do life together,” said Dr. Christy Hill, professor of spiritual formation and Women’s Ministries. “Education really is holistic here because we are growing not only academically but also spiritually. I think that at Grace College, the spiritual formation aspect covers some of the things that we don’t always get to discuss at church. It makes the spiritual walk more tangible and real.”

Why choose a Christian Bible College? Grace College in Indiana offers a Christ centered education that prepares you for career and service.

To Live in Community

Whether you see a person every day or are meeting for the first time, you’ll find that Grace students are quick to give a friendly smile or ask about your day. Our community will support and encourage you wherever you’re at.

“As a high school student, I experienced the polar opposite of Grace’s community and hated it,” said Liz Palmer, RD of Alpha Hall. “I wanted to be in an environment like this and I knew a lot of people who went here, so I knew I would have a great community. Now, as a staff member, I wanted to come back because there’s something nice about wanting to cultivate a similar experience for others.”

Current student Kylee Siers said she chose a Christian Bible college because of the “Christ centered community, culture, and commitments.”

Bailey Gagnon, ARD and 2022 Grace graduate, said, “I value the ability and the relationships from talking about the Lord and the Word to influencing how I love other people. We’re all working from a basis of love for God.”

Why choose a Christian Bible College? Grace College in Indiana offers a Christ centered education that prepares you for career and service.

To Get a Christ-Centered Education

Whether you are taking Bible classes or not, you will learn to look at your work through a Christian viewpoint. Your professors will equip you to carry your Biblical ideals into your future career as you consider the theology behind your classes.

Student Ella Ruh said, “I wanted the foundation of my college education to be from a worldview I agree with.”

“I knew that I would have love for Christ in common with most people,” student Izabella Burke said.

Dr. Tiberius Rata, associate dean of the School of Ministry Studies, said, “I love to see students’ growth from their first year until graduation as they learn to love God more with their heart and their mind. Colleagues here are like-minded like brothers and sisters who are united by teaching future leaders. It’s my 18th year, and I love this school.”

Why choose a Christian Bible College? Grace College in Indiana offers a Christ centered education that prepares you for career and service.

To Grow Spiritually

The most common answer students gave to the question, “Why choose a Christian Bible college?” was simply this: “To grow my faith.” As you live in community and get a Christ-centered education, you will learn what faith means to you and will have opportunities to build your faith and lean on God.

Student Jazzmyne Swenson said, “I wanted to finally be in an atmosphere that helped me grow in my faith, instead of shrinking in it.”

“I wanted to be with people who have the same beliefs and who will help me grow in my faith,” said student Catie Marks.

Just because you make getting a Christ-centered education a priority doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice other important factors of choosing a college. We pride ourselves in everything from academics to athletics. Request more information about Grace College to learn for yourself what it means to be a Lancer.

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