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What Degree Do You Need To Be An Ultrasound Tech?

What Degree Do You Need To Be An Ultrasound Tech? Learn more about a Grace College Medical Imaging degree in Sonography.

The field of medicine is fast-growing and needs bright professionals who desire to help people in their times of need. Of the many facets of medicine, diagnosis through ultrasound technology has garnered a lot of interest recently. An ultrasound is “a type of imaging test to examine the internal organs using very high frequency sound waves.” While most people think of an ultrasound primarily as being used during pregnancy, ultrasound technology can also be used to look at the abdomen, neck, legs, and several other body parts. And while this field of medicine is vital, there is a great need for the next generation of ultrasound professionals. There is an estimated eight to twenty percent shortage of medical technicians throughout the United States.

So, do you want to learn more about a degree in sonography? Let’s examine the classes required and why this occupation is needed.


Coursework for a Degree in Sonography

When answering the question, “what degree do you need to be an ultrasound tech,” the best place to begin is looking at the coursework needed to earn the degree.

Required classes for a sonography degree include:

  • Science courses such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Pharmacology
  • Ethics in Medicine
  • Sonographic Procedures
  • Anatomy and Physiology for Sonography
  • Understanding Ergonomic Principles
  • Radiation Biology and Protection
  • Professional Practice


The goal in learning about every type of sonography is to help you determine a specialization as well as gain a wealth of knowledge in the field at large. Most programs also include a lab requirement, which has a set number of hours to complete in a clinical internship. You’ll be able to practice the skills you’ve learned as you get insights from those working in your desired field.

There are also opportunities to become specialized in a specific area of sonography (OBGYN, vascular, cardiac, etc.) through taking a specialty exam. You may need workplace experience prior to taking the exam, but this is a great option for anyone desiring to do a specific type of medical imaging.


A Degree in Medical Imaging at Grace College

After you answer the question, “what degree do you need to be an ultrasound tech,” it’s important to determine which school you’d like to attend. There are many excellent schools that offer degrees for aspiring ultrasound technicians, but not just any school will do. You want an experience that fits your learning style as a student, your personal preferences as a resident, and your goals as a future professional.

Grace College’s medical imaging program partners with John Patrick University of Health and Applied Sciences, allowing students to take all of their medical imaging courses online through JPU while taking Grace’s Christian liberal arts core curriculum, science courses, and lab components in an in-person format.

The partnership between the two schools provides a rare educational opportunity for future ultrasound technicians due to the rigorous curriculum and the Christ-centered focus of campus life.

“I believe that the Christ-focused nature of our program creates compassionate health care workers with a love for their career,” says Dr Joe Frentzel, chair of science and mathematics. “It’s such a natural fit for Christ-focused individuals to be there in people’s time of need.”

What degree do you need to be an ultrasound tech? We think the answer is quite simple – a medical imaging degree through JPU and Grace College. 


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