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What Can You Do With a Bachelor in Computer Science?

What is a computer science degree and what can you do with a bachelor in computer science? Learn about this growing field and Grace College.

When you think of someone with a computer science degree, what do you picture? Is it a person hunched over in front of a computer, maybe even multiple computers? 

A career in computer science is more than just sitting in front of a computer. You may be collaborating with a team, working with clients, or testing software on a variety of platforms. According to U.S. News, software development is ranked number two among the best technology jobs in the nation, and the demand for software developers and data informaticians will only grow in the foreseeable future. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field is projected to grow 22% in the next eight years.

But what is a computer science degree, exactly?

What is a computer science degree?

Before you learn about job opportunities in computer science, you need to know what it is. A bachelor in computer science will teach you about computer software and algorithms. This degree is perfect for you if you enjoy exploring the ins and outs of technology, thinking critically, solving problems, and analyzing data. 

Grace offers four computer science concentrations: business programming, data analytics, application development, and cyber security. 

According to Dr. Ryan Johnson, director of the mathematics department, “Computer Science is the study of computers mostly from the software side, which includes theory, design, development, and application.”

What can you do with a bachelor in computer science?

With a career in computer science, you will complete tasks like analyzing data and testing codes. If you are fascinated by the science behind how computers work, then this field might be for you. But with a wide range of roles in the field, how do you know which job suits you best? Here are few job options you can pursue with a bachelor in computer science:

Computer Hardware Engineer – If you love to research, design, and test computer systems, this role is right up your alley. In this career, processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers will be your bread and butter!

Data Scientist – You’ll enjoy a career as a data scientist if you love analyzing data and solving problems. Data scientists work with companies to make suggestions for improvement based on past research and results. 

IT Project Manager – If you are a natural leader who is good at maintaining deadlines in a team and keeping track of a budget, you would excel as an IT project manager. Your experience in computer science would help you manage projects related to software and web development as you oversee your team. 

Mobile App Developer – Have you ever wanted to create an app? As a mobile app developer, you would use your problem-solving skills to create and test apps. 

Software Developer – As a software developer, you would be responsible for creating computer programs. Your computer science degree will give you the in-depth understanding of software and algorithms that you need to excel in your career.  

Systems Analyst – As a systems analyst, you will work in a business environment to solve problems related to software and technology. 

Video Game Developer – Are you a video game fanatic? Then this is #dreamjob material. When you pursue a career as a video game developer, you will be able to create and test video games to ensure a top-notch user experience.  

Web Developer – As a web developer, you will create and maintain websites. This career is for you if you have an eye for layout and enjoy the behind-the-scenes work of coding and software.

Why get a bachelor in computer science at a liberal arts institution?

As you work towards a bachelor in computer science, you will take program-specific classes like Linear Algebra, where you will learn about Google’s PageRank algorithm, and object-oriented programming, where students build programs to solve problems. But with a liberal arts education, you will be introduced to a variety of classes outside the Department of Science and Mathematics. Classes like Faith, Science, and Reason will lay the foundation for how science and mathematics relate to Christianity, and Consumer Economics will teach you how to manage time, money, and relationships – all critical skills to have in the workplace. 

All of your classes at a liberal arts institution like Grace College will contribute to life after college, both as you enter your field and as you navigate the world. You will expand your knowledge and skillset as you are grow spiritually as an individual. 

Are you interested in the intricacies of computer science? Learn more about our computer science degree and request more information about Grace.

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