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Stories of Grace – Four Unique Student Journeys to Grace College

We hope you and your loved ones are excitedly preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Here at Grace, the campus is quiet as our students recently returned home to enjoy the month with family and friends all around the globe — from Cambodia to Germany, California to Maine. How each student finds Grace is a story of its own. And what God does in their lives here is even more remarkable! This holiday season, we thought we would share a few of these hope-filled stories with you. 

Welcome Kabayiza RWANDA, AFRICA

I was born in Rwanda, Africa. My dad worked in tourism, and I would help translate for him when visitors came. Through that role, as a ten-year-old, I met a friend of my dad. He connected me with a family to stay with in Fort Wayne, Indiana, so that I could pursue my education. 

So I found myself living just under an hour from Grace College. When I was beginning to decide where to go to school, I had no idea what was next. Would I be able to go to school in America? Would I go back to Africa? I was nervous about my future, but God had a plan all along.

When I set foot on campus at Grace, everything changed. I felt so welcomed, and the campus was so comfortable and friendly. 

In order to attend school in America, I had to jump through a lot of hoops and locate a lot of paperwork. There were days that I felt it would not be possible. I prayed all the time for the process, and I’ll never forget telling God, “If this works out, every morning for the rest of my life I will say thank you to you.” Now here I am. God made a way, and I am thanking him for this opportunity each day. 

Grady Tarney FORT WAYNE, IN

I’m from Fort Wayne, Indiana. In high school, Grace was the first school to reach out to me. I knew it was the best fit because it was a place where I could grow in Christ, and the opportunity to get my bachelor’s and master’s in four years was perfect for me.

Since being here at Grace, I’ve loved the relationships I’ve built with other students on campus. I live in Beta, where everyone feels like a brother. Not only have my relationships with friends made a difference in my life but also my relationships with professors. You can really get to know the faculty here on a personal level because they truly care about you!

Grace has been the best place for me to step out of my comfort zone, take risks, and grow as a Christ-follower and leader.

Logan Ringgold LAS VEGAS, NV

Throughout my life, God has brought mentors at just the right time. I’ve been so fortunate to have people invest in me, and I hope that I can do the same for others at Grace.

And it was through one specific mentor that I was introduced to Grace. Lonnie Anderson, who is a seminary professor at Grace, told my mom about how great it was! It was like God opened up a door I didn’t expect. I was unable to schedule a visit, so my first time on campus was my first day as a student, and I knew that I was no longer in Las Vegas. But after a while, Grace became home and I hope to help others feel the same way. 

I knew that Christ had called me into ministry, so attending a faith-based school was important to me. I wanted a new community of people that could challenge me to be more like Christ as I learn about who He made me to be. Whether it’s in a seminary class, at a campus event, or even on a taco run in the middle of the night with my friends, God is in everything we do at Grace. And that’s how I aim to make Christ known on campus.

Tori Twombly EWA BEACH, HI

I grew up in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. I moved to Indiana when I was going into my sophomore year of highschool because my dad felt that God was calling us to move. So, all seven of us packed up our things and headed across the country to Winona Lake where my mom’s parents lived. It was a huge adjustment, but I knew that God wanted our family here. 

Once we moved, I heard a lot about Grace College because it was so close by. Plus, my mom is actually a Grace graduate and is in the hall of fame! I knew that Grace was a special part of my mom’s journey, but I never dreamed that it would be the same for me.

That all changed after I attended Grace women’s soccer camp. I got to know Coach Voss and enjoyed the team environment and mission. Through the camp, I realized that I wanted to be part of it! I reached out to Coach Voss, learned he wanted to recruit me, and the rest is history.

I love Grace because it is Christ-centered, and the staff are motivated to please and honor Christ in all that they do.T hey show joy in all circumstances, and it encourages us to do the same.

These are just four of thousands of students who have experienced the transformative, Christ-centered education at Grace College & Seminary. Your story could be the next one! 

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