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Grace College Guarantees Kosciusko County Students Minimum $12,000 Scholarship

Grace College recently announced its latest cost-savings measure called the “Grace Guarantee.” Through the initiative, the institution is guaranteeing Kosciusko County residents a minimum of $12,000 in grants and scholarships for Grace College’s traditional undergraduate programs in Winona Lake.

“While it’s a popular notion to get out of town for college, we’ve found that many students in Kosciusko County love it here and aren’t looking for a reason to leave, so we’re giving everyone an extra incentive to stay,” said Dr. Mark Pohl, vice president of enrollment management.

According to Pohl, the $12,000 in scholarships and grants will apply to all Kosciusko County students, beginning with the incoming class of 2023. This includes students at local high schools, private high schools and those who are homeschooled.

“It’s a misconception that students will always find the most cost savings at a large state school. It can be true, but it’s not always the case, and we want to challenge that notion,” says Pohl.

In fact, for families in Indiana with an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $65,000 or less, students can attend Grace College tuition-free through a combination of federal, state and institutional aid. The Indiana Full Tuition Plan is awarded only to Indiana residents who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the Indiana state deadline.

For Kosciusko residents, the $12,000 savings is just the beginning of their financial aid at Grace – the scholarship may be combined with other federal and state aid opportunities, making Grace even more cost-efficient.

To learn more about Grace’s financial aid offerings, visit or contact Grace College admissions at

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