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Falling in Love with Education

Grace College's School of Education equips students to become teachers. We do this for schools all over the map, but some find a home in nearby schools.
I started my college education at a private school in Wisconsin. By the time I was a sophomore, I realized how unhappy I was attending this school. I told my parents I wanted to transfer someplace new. My mother had lived in Warsaw for about a year and a half when she was in high school. She suggested I investigate Grace College. I knew I wanted to stay at a small, private, Christian school so I looked Grace up.
I fell in love with the school based off the photos, applied and signed up for classes. All of this was done before I even visited the campus! When I arrived at Grace, I was placed in a single person dorm room. I had a really difficult time meeting people because I had no roommate to show me the ropes. However, because of my amazing advisor and other English professors at Grace, they helped introduce me to the people who I now consider my best friends.
Consider a secondary education degree at Grace College, from Spanish Education, Secondary English Education to History Education Major.
I graduated from Grace in December of 2017, after student teaching at Warsaw Community High School. During the semester I was student-teaching, a couple of spots teaching English became available. So I was able to begin working as a full-time English teacher right after I graduated in January 2018. It’s amazing how God works everything out! I did not expect to be able to find a teaching position until the next school year when most schools would begin hiring again.
Alumni High School Teacher
I currently teach twelfth grade World Literature at Warsaw Community High School. Now I am getting married in May of this year, and my soon-to-be-husband and I will be moving to Athens, Georgia so he can pursue his career there. There I will also begin my Master’s Degree this fall, focusing on Theater so I can be a Speech, Theater, and English teacher in the years ahead. Grace College prepared me for my teaching career and my pursuit of higher education. My English courses deepened my love of literature. The invaluable experiences I gained while observing in classes and taking educational courses at Grace helped prepare me for my teaching career.
Grace Eitel is a Warsaw Community High School Teacher
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